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Signs Of Ageing Can Be Reversed: Easy And Effective Tips To Prevent Skin Ageing, Hair Loss

Signs of ageing can be reversed: Findings of a latest study show that on inducing mutation leading to mitochondrial dysfunction, mice develop wrinkled skin and extensive hair loss in a matter of only a few weeks. The same can be reversed when the mutation was reversed.

Signs Of Ageing Can Be Reversed: Easy And Effective Tips To Prevent Skin Ageing, Hair Loss

A new study has found that signs of skin ageing can be reversed


  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet can prevent skin ageing
  • Cut down on your consumption of alcohol to prevent skin ageing
  • Exercise regularly for healthy skin and hair

We have some surprising news for you people! Hair loss and wrinkles - the two hallmarks of ageing - can be reversed, a new study has found. A few scientists, including an Indian origin scientist, observed the same in a mouse model. The findings showed that on inducing mutation leading to mitochondrial dysfunction, the mouse developed wrinkled skin and extensive hair loss in a matter of only a few weeks. But when the mitochondrial function was restored by turning of the gene which led to its dysfunction, the mouse reportedly got back its smooth skin and thick fur. There was hardly any difference between the mouse under question and a healthy mouse of the same age. Authors of the study say that decline in mitochondrial function during ageing among humans. This mitochondrial function can drive age-related diseases in humans. IANS reports experts saying that the mouse model can provide a great opportunity for development of preventive and therapeutic drug development strategies. This is for augmenting mitochondrial functions for treatment of skin and hair pathology and other human diseases in which mitochondrial function play an important role. The study was published journal Cell Death & Disease.


Smoking can cause skin ageing
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As part of the study, antibiotic doxycycline - which is used for treating infections caused by bacteria and protozoa - was added to food and drinking water for inducing mutation which depletion of mitochondrial DNA because the enzyme to replicate the DNA becomes inactive.

It was found that the mice showed gray hair and reduced hair density along with hair low, slowed movements and lethargy in the next 4 weeks. After 4 to 8 weeks of mutation induction, wrinkled skin began to appear. Female mice were found to have more severe skin wrinkles as compared male mice.

And when the mutation was reversed, it restored mitochondrial function along with the pathology of hair and skin. Only small changes were seen in other organs when the mutation was induced. This suggests that mitochondria played an important role for skin as compared to other tissues.


Protect your skin from sun's exposure to avoid skin ageing
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In the meantime, here are some anti-ageing tips which can help you keep those wrinkles and unwanted hair loss at bay:

1. You can prevent skin ageing by protecting it from sun's exposure every day. Ultraviolet rays of the sun can not only cause skin tanning and sunburns, it can also cause your skin to age before time.

2. Smoking can speed up the process of skin ageing. It results in a dull complexion along with skin wrinkles.

3. Another way of preventing skin wrinkles is by avoiding to make the same facial expressions again and again. Certain lines from facial expressions become permanent on the face.

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4. Eating a healthy and balanced diet can not only prevent skin ageing, but also prevent hair loss. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise and lots of fruits and vegetables can delay the ageing process tremendously.


Alcohol can dehydrate the skin
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5. If you want to prevent ageing, you must cut down on your consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is capable of making the skin dehydrated. It can cause skin damage and make you look older.

6. Exercising regularly can contribute to improving blood circulation and immune system. Both these condition can delay ageing and help you look younger and fresher.

7. Also, skin wrinkling and ageing can be prevented by washing it only gently. Scrubbing your skin harshly can cause skin irritation. Just wash your skin gently to remove make-up, dust, etc.