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Reasons Why You Should Choose Amaranth/Rajgira Over Quinoa

Amaranth Vs Quinoa: Celebrity Nutritionist Pooja Makhija distinguishes between amaranth or rajgira and quinoa. Read on to know why Amaranth is a better choice.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Amaranth/Rajgira Over Quinoa

Amaranth is gluten -free with good amount of protein and iron


  • Amaranth contains more protein than quinoa, says nutritionist
  • You can prepare a salad with these gluten-free grains
  • Amaranth and quinoa are good sources of iron

Some of the western food trends have found a place in Indian diet routine over the past few years. This, unfortunately, has left the good old desi nutritious food ingredients far behind and forgotten. Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija is here to remind us of some of the traditional superfoods, the latest one being Amaranth. She compared amaranth, also known as rajgira, with its western alternative, quinoa. Terming quinoa and amaranth as 'cousins' in her Instagram caption, Makhija said, "Price point, however, sets them apart. Amaranth can be procured for 1/10th the price as quinoa in our country."

Amaranth Vs Quinoa: Here's the winner

Makhija first focused on the similarities between quinoa and amaranth in the description. "Both pseudo cereals - actually seeds but eaten as grains, both are gluten free, have a short cooking time, nutty flavour and rich in nutrients," she wrote.

Makhija then explains why it is wiser to choose amaranth over quinoa . While quinoa has proteins as good as 8 grams per cup, amaranth has 9 grams per cup. Amaranth has double the protein than rice or wheat, Makhija added. Quinoa has 3 grams of iron per cup and amaranth has 5 grams of iron in the same quantity which makes it a richer food, she points out.

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Amaranth chikki or ladoos are not new to us. But there are other yummy ways to add amaranth to your diet as well. Rajgira can be consumed in the form of tikkis, cookies, salad, cupcakes, power bars too.

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Earlier, Makhija drew a comparison between Matcha and its Indian alternative, Moringa. Also called drumsticks, Moringa has more benefits than matcha, as per her Instagram video. It helps in reducing issues like arthritis, epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease and kidney stones.

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Coming back to Amaranth vs Quinoa, which is your favourite 'cousin' of the two?

(Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, dietitian and author)

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