Parents, Safeguard Your Children From Dengue Mosquitoes: Here Are Some Prevention Steps You Must Know

Dengue fever can affect your children. You must follow some prevention steps to safeguard your children. Here are some steps which you can follow to keep your children safe from dengue mosquitoes.

Parents, Safeguard Your Children From Dengue Mosquitoes: Here Are Some Prevention Steps You Must Know

Dengue fever prevention step can help you control the spread


  • Stagnant water provides a breeding ground for dengue mosquito
  • Add immunity-boosting foods to your kids' diet
  • Do not store water at your home in pots or utensils

Dengue affects many each year but it can be effectively controlled with some preventive measures. Dengue can affect any age group. It is difficult to keep kids indoor all the time. Kids are at an equal risk of dengue fever. Kids have a growing immune system which can increase the negative impact of dengue fever on their body. Some preventive measures can help you protect your children from the dengue. From home to school dengue mosquitoes can be hidden anywhere, therefore it is essential to control all the factors which can contribute to a rise in dengue mosquitoes. Here are some steps which you help you protect your children from dengue this season.

Ways to protect children from dengue

1. Keep indoors safe

Not just outdoors you must keep your indoors safe as well. Keep all the corner of the house clean. Do not keep standing water inside your house. Do not store water in pots or utensils. You can also add mosquito-repelling plants to your garden.

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2. Add immunity-boosting foods to diet

Strong immunity means better protection against dengue mosquitoes. A strong immunity ensures strength to fight against dengue. You can immunity-boosting foods to your kids' diet. Some immunity-boosting foods include yogurt, turmeric, ginger, garlic, spinach, citrus foods and almonds.


Serve the right food to your children for fast recovery
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3. Cover your children properly

When your children are stepping outside make sure that they are wearing full-sleeved to ensure better protection. Children cannot stay inside the house all the time. School, tuition or playtime there can be many possible reasons which can make your children step outside. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare your children well.


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4. Use repellent

There are multiple repellents available these days which can help you keep dengue mosquitoes away from your children. There are some products which are especially meant for children and do not leave any negative effect on their skin.

5. Know the symptoms

Better knowledge about the symptoms of dengue can help you control the dengue on time. It will help you provide the right treatment on time to your children. High fever, headache, vomiting, pain behind the eyes, fatigue, skin rash are some symptoms of dengue fever. If you notice these symptoms in your children so not ignore these and consult a doctor immediately.

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