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Nutritionist Shares 7 Natural Weight Loss Tips That Beginners Should Follow

Weight loss tips for beginners: Choose for healthy, filling carbs and have protein and fat-rich foods for breakfast and snacking. Here are more tips that can be helpful for beginners.

Nutritionist Shares 7 Natural Weight Loss Tips That Beginners Should Follow

Create a small calorie deficit in the beginning


  • Meal prepping can be a useful tool
  • Focus on proteins and fats for breakfast and snacks
  • For lunch and dinner, fill half of your plate with vegetables

Here's something intriguing for all the beginners on a weight loss. According to nutritionist Rachel Paul, shedding those extra kilos or pounds needn't be a complicated procedure. You need to take small yet effective steps like practicing meal prepping, making nutritious choices in your diet and trying to achieve a calorie deficit without starving yourself. In one of her recent Instagram Reels, Paul shares natural weight loss tips for beginners. Now these can be really helpful if you have been having a tough time figuring out how to really bring down the numbers on the weighing scale.

Natural weight loss tips for beginners

1. Make your food plan a day before: Practicing meal prepping is being considered to be an effective tip for following a healthy and balanced diet. Ideally, it is done by planning a week's meal plan. But if that seems difficult to you because you already amidst the struggles of losing weight as a beginner, then simply plan your next day's meal a day in advance.

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2. Focus on proteins and fats for breakfast and snacks: Proteins are the building blocks of the human body, whereas as fats are needed to fill you up and also make you feel energised. Ensure that you include these two food groups in your in-between meal snacks and breakfast.

3. For lunch and dinner, fill half of your plate with vegetables: Vegetables are rich in fibre and all the essential nutrients that are needed for good health. A simple formula to follow this is fill up half of your plate with vegetables. It will add more volume to the meals, making them more filling in nature.


Fill up half of your plate with veggies to add more volume to your meals
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4. For carbs, think which ones are more satisfying: The idea is to not give up on carbs entirely. After all, they are the main source of energy. Lentils, legumes, fruits, vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, wheat, oats, etc are all source of healthy carbs. Choose your carbs wisely and do practice portion control.

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5. Create a small calorie deficit: During the first few days or even weeks, focus on creating only a small calorie deficit. Don't be too ambitious in the beginning and create goals that are more achievable for you.

6. Learn your hunger and fullness cues: Take note of the times when you feel most hungry. Stock up on the foods which satisfy you at those times. Foods that make you feel full are going to be the best picks. Nuts, seeds, ghee-roasted makhanas, roasted black chanas, Greek yogurt, home-set curd, etc are all good options.

7. Find healthy outlets for processing emotion: Go for a walk. Take up cycling, swimming, jogging or running. Or, simply meet a friend. Process your emotions anywhere but food, and it will keep you from binge-eating comfort food.

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Along with these diet tips, make sure you that you are physically active throughout the day and are also regular in exercising. Good sleep, less stress, no alochol and smoking are other important to-do's of an effective weight loss plan.

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