Nutritionist Reveals The Secret To Eating Healthy With Lesser Cravings

Healthy eating: Moderation, balance and variety are the three key principles that can help you eat healthy, maintain fitness and weight. Read here to know more.

Nutritionist Reveals The Secret To Eating Healthy With Lesser Cravings

Healthy eating tips: Practice moderation and portion control while eating


  • Practice portion control in whatever you eat
  • Include variety in your meals
  • Maintain a balance and avoid binge-eating

To practice healthy eating in a sustainable manner, mindful eating and a few more principles are required. Nutritionist Ishi Khosla, in an Instagram post, talks about a few principles of healthy eating that can help in maintaining your health, fitness levels and weight goals. Calorie-restrictive and weight loss diets aren't the ideal way to go. You needn't starve yourself and go to extremes just to lose a few kilos. Moderation is the key. Have you favourite dessert and even fried food at times. Maintaining a balance and eating everything you love, in controlled proportions, is the key to being healthy and fit.

Principles of healthy eating

In an Instagram post, Khosla talks about a few rules that can you help you live a healthy liftestyle with lesser cravings, mood swings and irritability.

1. Moderation

Whatever you eat, practice portion control. This stands true for desserts, junk food, fried food and sugary drinks. Limit the intake of these foods to occasions only but do not starve yourself. "A small portion of dessert rather than the entire helping will be a good idea and is unlikely to conflict with your goals," writes Khosla in her post.


Practice portion control and do not overeat
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2. Balance

Maintain a balance. Avoid binging one meal but do not skip the other to make for it. "The principle of balance helps you undo the damage and lighten the next meal to compensate for the previous one, and this will ensure that you do not mess up your goals," says Khosla. You can also achieve balance by being physically active or even walking for an extra mile. Do not snack all day and eat less on meal times, recommends the nutritionist. She also adds that your diet should include fruits, vegetables and salads. "Alternate day fasting is both a traditional and scientific approach to balance out the excesses during the week," she suggests.

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3. Variety

To be able to follow any diet plan in the long term, it is important that it has variety. Having variety in your diet also serves the purpose of giving you all the nutrients you need. Foods from all food groups should be a part of your diet. "For example, an apple is rich in vitamin E and poor in vitamin C while an orange is rich in vitamin C and poor in vitamin E. Eating both ensures that you get enough of both the nutrients," Khosla exemplifies.


Your diet must have variety if you want to follow it sustainably
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If weight loss and fitness is on your mind, then these principles can take you a long way!

(Ishi Khosla is a practicing clinical nutritionist, columnist and author)

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