National Sports Day 2019: From Weight Loss To Better Heart Health, Here Are All The Health Benefits Of Sports

National Sports Day 2019 India spreads awareness about the importance of sports and games for health. Hockey, swimming, football, basketball are some sports which you can enjoy on a regular basis. Read on to know the health benefits of sports.

National Sports Day 2019: From Weight Loss To Better Heart Health, Here Are All The Health Benefits Of Sports

National sports day India: Sports can help you relieve stress and enhances your mood


  1. National sports day marks the birth anniversary Major Dhyan Chand
  2. Playing a sport can offer you the benefits of a complete workout
  3. Sports can keep your body fit and help you lose weight

National sports day is observed on 29 August every year. This day marks the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. This day highlights the importance of sports and physical activities for overall health. Different tournaments are held all across the nation on this day. Indulging yourself in some sport is one of the best gifts which you can give to your health. Sports will help you move more throughout the day. It is like a free workout session which you will enjoy doing. If you think your gym sessions are boring and monotonous then try sports. It will help you burn enough calories along with some amazing health benefits. Another amazing benefit that sports offer is the variety. You can choose your favourite sport or different sport each day. This National Sports Day here are the best sports for your health along with the heath benefits.

Best sports for a great workout

Playing a sport is a great exercise. Playing a sport can offer you the benefits of a complete workout. Some of the best sports which you can choose to keep yourself fit are- tennis, swimming, football, basketball, squash, hockey, cricket, badminton and gymnastics. Someone who does not like going to the gym, sports is a great alternative for those.

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Health benefits of sports

Sports offer some great health benefits which can keep your complete body fit. From mental health to physical it leaves a positive impact on each one of them. Here are some impressive health benefits of playing a sport.

1. Helps in weight loss

Sports include complete body movement and strength. Playing a sport for some time can help you burn a huge amount of calories. Regular practice of a high-intensity sport can result in weight loss. It will also improve your metabolism which will contribute to better weight loss. The better the metabolism is the more effectively you lose weight.


Weight loss: Sports can help you burn calories and lose weight
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2. Prevents the risk of high blood pressure

More physical activity keeps the blood vessels healthy. Just like any other exercise, sports improves the flow of the blood and results in controlled blood pressure. This reduces the risk of hypertension.

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3. Promotes heart health

While playing a sport the flow of the blood improves and there is an increased supply of blood to the heart. This results in better heart health. Controlled blood pressure numbers will also keep your heart health intact. This will altogether contribute to a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

4. Eliminated stress and depression

When you playing sports the physical activity makes you feel relaxed and happier. It also distracts your mind from all the stress and daily chaos. It promotes your overall health and relieves stress. You will also feel optimistic after involving yourself in a sport. It will help you keep depression at bay.


Playing a sport will enhance your mood and improve overall mental health
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5. Ensures better sleep

A good night's sleep automatically improves overall health. Playing a sport will improve the quality of sleep. Better sleep cycle will result in a better mood, healthy weight, less stress and a good start to the next day.

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