"Mayo No More": Nutritionist Shares Healthy Curd Dip As An Alternative

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra shares a curd-based alternative to mayonnaise.

'Mayo No More': Nutritionist Shares Healthy Curd Dip As An Alternative

Curd can improve your gut health and keep stomach infections at bay

Mayonnaise is a widely consumed and enjoyed condiment. Whether it is stuffed sandwiches, healthy salads, creamy pasta, or classic salted French fries, this versatile condiment pairs well with various dishes and enhances their flavours. However, it is essential to note that excessive consumption of mayo can pose several health hazards. This calorie-dense condiment is high in saturated fat and may lead to high cholesterol levels. But fret not. You do not have to give up your favourite dip. Nutritionist Lovneet has come up with a healthy yet tasty alternative. She recommends a thick, curd-based condiment filled with nutritious ingredients. 

Below is the list of ingredients to be mixed with curd, that nutritionist Lovneet suggests: 

1. Cucumber and mint

Cucumber is great for hydration and detoxification. Mint boosts immunity and might help fight irritable bowel syndrome too. These two ingredients, if used to prepare curd, can work wonders for your body. Say goodbye to indigestion with cucumber and mint. 

2. Lemon and garlic

The nutritionist also emphasises adding lemon and garlic to curd as it contains immunity-boosting properties. 

3. Roasted cumin

Another marvellous addition to the thick and creamy curd is roasted cumin. Once again, it is a great way to keep digestive disorders at bay.

“This curd-based delight not only tastes fresh and delicious but comes packed with benefits. From gut-friendly probiotics to immune-boosting garlic, every ingredient adds its magic. Chill, serve and watch it become the star of the table. Whether you're dipping or spreading, it's guilt-free indulgence. Dive into wellness with every bit,” reads her caption. 

As per Lovneet, the thick curd is a creamy delight that is rich in probiotics. It can improve your gut health and keep stomach infections at bay. Curd is also a great source of protein and calcium. 

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