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Manage Your High Blood Pressure With Fibre Rich Foods: Know Best Food Sources Of Fibre

High blood pressure is a common condition these days. Adding fibre to your diet is one easy solution for hypertension. From fruits and vegetables to legumes there are various foods loaded with fibre. Here is how fibre can help you manage high blood pressure.

Manage Your High Blood Pressure With Fibre Rich Foods: Know Best Food Sources Of Fibre

Hypertension can put you at a higher risk of heart diseases


  • Moderate changes can help you cure high blood pressure
  • Regular exercise is a great way to lower your blood pressure numbers
  • Fibre rich foods will provide you multiple health benefits

High blood pressure or hypertension should be treated on time. If left untreated it can trigger the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Popping a pill to reduce your blood pressure is not the right way to manage hypertension. You need to find a healthier way to manage your blood pressure because long term use of medications can trigger other severe health issues. Simple lifestyle changes and dietary modification can help you manage your blood pressure numbers. One such essential nutrient which can help you cure hypertension is fibre. Fibre is present in multiple foods which can promote good health in various ways.

Researchers also highlighted the benefit of fibre for hypertension patients. For the study, 25 studies which highlighted the effect of dietary fibre on high blood pressure were evaluated. After a deep evaluation, the study concluded that adding dietary fibre to your diet can result in reduced blood pressure. The researchers noticed a significant drop in the blood pressure numbers of the participants.

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Fibre Rich Foods for High Blood Pressure

There are many foods which are loaded with fibre. You can choose your fibre source according to your preference. Most fruits and vegetables contain fibre in high quantities. Some of the fibre rich foods may include:

1. Whole grains

Whole grains can be added to your daily diet. You can use whole grains to prepare different food items to attain all the nutrients. Whole grains are filling due to high fibre content. Not just fibre you will receive other nutrients as well.


Add whole grains to your diet and keep your digestion intact
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2. Vegetables

A lot of vegetables are rich in fibre. It is often advised to eat vegetables on a regular basis. Some of the fibre rich vegetables are broccoli, pumpkin, potato, carrots, spinach, sweet corn, cauliflower and green beans. Add these vegetables to your diet and make your diet healthier.

3. Fruits

What can be a better source of nutrients than fresh fruits? Fruits are also power-packed with nutrients. You can eat fruit at any time of the day. Make a combination of different fruits of your choice and enjoy it at as your evening snack. Some of the fibre rich fruits are- apples, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, mangoes, avocado, pear, orange and guava.

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4. Nuts and seeds

Nut and seeds are rich in fibre and other essential nutrients. A handful of nuts are enough to kill hunger pangs and will keep you full for longer. Nuts and seeds rich in fibre may include almonds, chia seeds, quinoa and pumpkin seeds.


Nuts will keep you full for longer
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5. Legumes

Legumes are the best sources of fibre. It can include beans, lentils and peas. It will help you maintain a healthy gut along with a reduced rate of obesity and type-2 diabetes. Best legumes rich in fibre are black beans, split beans, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, soybeans and peas.

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