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List Of Best Foods That Can Protect Your Liver

Eating morefresh, raw foods are best friends of the liver but there are certain foods which can potentially help you with your liver health. Here is the list

List Of Best Foods That Can Protect Your Liver

Garlic is rich source of allicin, vitamin B6, seleniumetc

As we know our liver is responsible for over more than 500 vital functions, like removing toxins from the body, maintains blood sugar levels etc. Eating more fresh, raw foods are best friends of the liver but there are certain foods which can potentially help you with your liver health. Here is the list:

1. Green leafy vegetables 

Dark leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, mustard greens, argula, wheatgrass, beetgreens, are excellent source of antioxidants, fibre, nitrate, potassium, manganese, magnesium so they all help to support & nourish the liver. Also, these leaves are rich in chlorophyll which as per research assists the liver to neutralize toxins and heavy metals.

2. Grapefruit 

Grapefruit is full of vitamin C, fibre, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron etc. and help reduce chronic inflammation.

As per studies there are 2 main antioxidants found in grapefruit naringenin and naringin which help in reduction of hepatic fibrosis. 

3. Coffee

We all love coffee, but the good news is optimum quantity of coffee is boon to liver health. Coffee is rich in polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory properties. As per the research, coffee helps in reducing inflammation in liver, neutralize free radicles and has protective effect against development of liver cirrhosis.

4. Cruciferous vegetables 

Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, mustard greens, kale come under category of cruciferous veggies, They are rich in flavonoids, phytonutrients, carotenoids which help in neutralize toxins.  They also contain glucosinolates which triggers enzymatic reaction which help detoxify heavy metals from blood. 

5. Beetroot 

This amazing root vegetable is high in antioxidants and nutrients like betalains, beatine, folate, pectin, manganese, potassium, vitamin A, Vitamin C etc. It is good source of fibre. Altogether it stimulates bile flow that breaks down wastes so that it can excreted from body faster.

6. Nuts 

Nuts are superb source of healthy fats like monosaturated and polysaturated fats. These healthy fats are anti-inflammatory and protect against fat accumulation. Walnuts in precise contains arginine which helps in removing ammonia from body.

7. Wholegrains

Grains & Millets like oats, barley, brown rice, peart millet, kodo millet etc are high in fibre. 

Fibre rich foods help food helps indigestion hence, helping liver. Oats have beat glucans that help in reducing the fat in liver and reduce inflammation.

8. Garlic 

Garlic is rich source of allicin, vitamin B6, selenium, etc. Sulphur compound in garlic is antibiotic, antifungal and antioxidant. Selenium in garlic triggers liver to flush out toxins.

9. Water 

Water is the easiest available and most underrated one. Drinking enough water helps in removing the toxins from the body which in turn help liver directly. 

10. Herbs

 Herbs like milk thistle, ginger, dandelion root, burdock root. Most of the herbs that support the liver are bitter, as this activates the liver to create bile and clear out old waste.

11. Turmeric

We all know about miraculous benefits of this golden herb, as per studies turmeric helps in bile production and helps in detoxifying liver, also turmeric helps in reducing free radicles which lead to damage.

To conclude:

Your liver plays a very important role and it's recommended that you do what you can to protect it for a healthy life. The foods listed above have demonstrated beneficial effects on the liver and incorporating these foods into your diet is a natural and healthy way to help keep your liver functioning at its best like- lower the risk of liver diseases and protect your liver against harmful toxins.

(Dietitian Shivani Kandwal, Nutritionist, Diabetes Educator, Founder of Nutrivibes)

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