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International Yoga Day 2018: These Are The Yoga Poses You Need To Do To Lose Weight

This International Yoga Day 2018, we tell you about some amazing yoga poses which will help you in lose weight, achieve a toned body and boost your metabolism.

International Yoga Day 2018: These Are The Yoga Poses You Need To Do To Lose Weight

International Yoga Day 2018: These yoga poses will help you achieve quick weight loss


  • International Yoga Day falls on June 21
  • Yoga helps in boosting metabolism and treating digestive issues
  • It is a great stress buster

International Yoga Day 2018 will be celebrated on June 21. From Prime Minister Narendra Modi to numerous Bollywood actors and actresses, yoga is appreciated, accepted and loved by millions of people worldwide. The idea of International Yoga Day is to raise awareness about the benefits of practicing yoga, which is good for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It is because of the health benefits of yoga that the practice has gained so much popularity and International Yoga Day is being celebrated for the fourth year in a row. Yoga is a practice which can help achieve weight loss, fitness and body flexibility.

On this International Yoga Day, we present you best yoga poses which can help in achieving weight loss.

Before you go ahead with doing yoga on this International Yoga Day, keep in mind that you need to hold on to each posture up to 1 minute. Begin with 15 to 20 seconds at first and slowly increase the number of seconds that you hold on to.

1. Surya namaskar

Surya namaskar or sun salutations are most effective when it comes to weight loss. It stretches and warms up muscles and improves blood circulation. The 12 poses in sun salutations build up internal heat and help in stretching and toning of major muscle groups in the body. They help one achieve a narrow waist line along toned arms and abs. Surya namaskar helps in balancing metabolism and stimulates the digestive system as well. 

surya namaskar

Surya namaskar is an effective exercise for weight loss
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2. Downward dog pose

The downward dog pose helps in toning of your entire body. By paying a little extra attention to certain muscles, the downward dog poses help in strengthening arms, back and thighs.

For getting the maximum benefits from downward dog pose, you need to engage your thighs and rotate them inwards. The same needs to be done with your upper arms. You need to continue to press down through your hands and heels. Try touching your heels on the floor. Breathe while doing the exercise and hold up to a minute.

downward dog pose

Downward dog pose helps in toning of entire body
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3. Twister chair pose

The twisted chair is a the yoga version of squats. It works on the butt, quads and abs. The twisted chair helps the lymph system and the digestive system. All these benefits in turn help in aiding the weight loss process.

twister chair pose

Twisted chair pose works on butts, quads and abs
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4. Second Warrior pose

Virbhadrasana is a yoga pose which can help in toning muscles in your thighs and shoulders. To perfect this pose, you should try to bend your front knee so that your thigh is parallel to the floor. The longer that you are able to hold on this position, the tighter your squads will get. Switch size and repeat on the other side. The secret behind this pose is to calm down your mind and just breathe.

warrior pose

Warrior pose helps in toning of thighs and shoulder muscles
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5. Third warrior pose

This pose helps in having a more toned butt. It helps in toning and strengthening of your legs, back and arms.

To perform the third warrior prose, you need to contract your abs while you are holding on to the position. It will help you achieve balance and will flatten your belly. Like most yoga poses, this exercise too will be beneficial if you hold it for a long time.

warrior pose

Warrior III pose helps in toning of butt
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6. Shoulder stand

This pose helps in improving digestion and also acts a therapy for thyroid problems. It helps strengthening the body as well. The shoulder stand helps in balancing thyroid levels by boosting metabolism, thus aiding the weight loss process. It helps in improving the respiratory system as well. It strengthens legs, abs, upper body and helps in having a better sleep.

shoulder stand

Shoulder stand help in boosting metabolism
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7. Bow pose

Bow pose is one yoga pose which helps in quick burning of belly fat. To perform the exercise with greater intensity, you can perform it by pulling your hands and feet in opposite directions until the abdomen and pelvis touch the floor. This exercise helps strengthen chest, thighs and back.

bow pose

Bow pose helps in burning belly fat
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8. Triangle pose

Triangle pose is great for working on the abs, even though it doesn't engage a lot of muscles. The twisting motion of triangle pose helps in improving digestion and reduces fat deposits in the belly. It engages the muscles of legs and arms and helps in burning fat and weight loss.

triangle pose

Triangle pose helps in burning fat and weight loss
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9. Bridge pose

Bridge pose is an exercise which is great for weight loss. It helps in toning of your butt and also brings a balance in thyroid levels. The exercise is performed in a way that it makes chest move towards chin, and gently massages the thyroid gland and regulates production of thyroid hormone, which is very important for the body's metabolism.

To perform bridge pose, you need to press down with your feet and lift your upper body, legs and thigs. It engages muscles of thighs and back and helps in toning them. Practicing bridge pose regularly helps in stimulating abdominal organs and improves digestion.

bridge pose

Bridge pose is great for weight loss
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This International Yoga Day, let's swear by yoga and try these yoga poses for achieving weight loss in the most healthy and relaxing way possible!

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