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Increase Speed, Endurance And Strength With Plyometric Exercises: Try This Routine At Home

In an Instagram video, Yasmin Karachiwal is seen engrossed in the workout. She performed a routine with plyometricexercises. Let's take a look at this.

Increase Speed, Endurance And Strength With Plyometric Exercises: Try This Routine At Home

Plyometric workouts can help you build muscle strength and endurance


  • Plyometric exercises can help you boost muscle strength
  • Plyometric exercises will also help you build strength
  • Try this expert recommended plyometric routine at home

If you are someone who keeps looking for ways to ramp up your workouts, this is for you. Fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala shared a new Instagram video where she guides her followers on functional and plyometric workouts. Plyometric is a type of exercise that uses speed and force including different movements aimed at building muscle power. It is very helpful if you are into running, basketball or if you just want to build strength. In the video, Yasmin is seen performing the exercises and inspiring her followers. In the caption, Yasmin asked everyone, "Are you ready for today's functional and plyometric workout?"

Plyometric workouts: Try these exercises to build muscle strength

Yasmin, further, explained in the caption, "This workout uses maximum power to strengthen your muscles. The moves are quick and explosive, so prepare to use a lot more energy than you do in a typical strength training session."

She added that the primary focus of plyometric training, however, was to expand and contract muscles as quickly as possible, with the main benefits of doing this being greater flexibility and the ability to move the muscles more rapidly.

For today, she wrote, the plyometric exercise is 'Squat Jacks'. "You need to repeat it after every strength workout. She told everyone to follow the format below and repeat all the exercises for 3 rounds."

This is the format Yasmin suggested:

  • Db squat + A Side Kick (15 Reps)
  • Squat Jacks (20 Reps)
  • Push-up to Pike (10 Reps)
  • Squat Jacks (20 Reps)
  • DB Bentover Y & T (10 Reps)
  • Squat Jacks (20 Reps)
  • Elbow Plank Hip Dip (15 Reps)
  • Squat Jacks (20 Reps)

Watch the video here:

Earlier, Yasmin had shared a set of quick and easy that one could do to keep fit at home. The 3 exercises that she demonstrated in the video were crouch to tricep push-ups, scissor arms and legs, and curl around the world. She said all these three workouts can be included in our daily routine. Read more about it here.

Working out regularly is the best way to stay active and fit. So, get set, and try out these exercises at home.

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