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Here's Why You Must Add Black Pepper To Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk can offer you numerous health benefits. For maximum benefits you must add this simple ingredient to haldi doodh.

Here's Why You Must Add Black Pepper To Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk can help educe inflammation and joint pain

Turmeric milk also known as golden milk is a popular Indian drink. It can offer multiple health benefits and medicinal properties that can benefit your overall health. Turmeric or haldi is commonly added to foods to add a bright yellow colour. Not many are familiar with the amazing health benefits of this simple spice. Earlier, turmeric milk was consumed as a remedy for common cold, flu and cough. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this drink gained more popularity and became a part of everyone's daily diet. Turmeric milk is loaded with antioxidants which can protect the body from oxidative stress and lower the risk of infections and diseases. Turmeric milk can also help reduce inflammation and joint pain effectively. Drinking turmeric milk can also lower cholesterol levels and boost overall heart health.

While preparing turmeric milk many also add cinnamon and ginger to it. But there is one simple ingredient without which this healthy concoction is incomplete. And that is black pepper.

Black pepper should be a compulsory ingredient on your list when preparing turmeric milk. Let's find out why.

Turmeric and black pepper: Here's why you must combine these two ingredients

Both turmeric and black pepper can offer many health benefits to the human body. When combined together, black pepper helps your body receive all the benefits of the drink.

Curcumin is the key component in turmeric which is not well absorbed by the human body on its own.


Turmeric can help you boost immunity and provide relief from cold symptoms
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On the other hand, black pepper contains a component called piperine which can help relieve headaches, digestive issues and nausea. One of the most crucial roles of piperine is enhancing the absorption of curcumin in the body.

Therefore, black pepper can prevent you from missing out on the advantages of turmeric milk.

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How to prepare a perfect cup of turmeric milk

While preparing turmeric milk use unsweetened milk. You can also add fresh ginger and cinnamon. Boil these ingredients together and honey (if required).

Also, add a pinch of black pepper to maximize the results of this drink.

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