Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Need To Add Pilates To Your Workout Routine

Here are 10 ways in which pilates improves our overall health.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Need To Add Pilates To Your Workout Routine

Pilates improves balance and brain-body coordination

Pilates is an effective workout regime that focuses on core strength. Although, it does not only limit to core strength and has been recognised and performed globally due to its many benefits. Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century.

Pilates was originally called ‘Contrology'. It was a method created to facilitate body exercise that would improve daily life and chores. Pilates has now been practiced for the many benefits it provides to the body.

Here are 10 reasons why you should add pilates to your workout routine:

1. Helps burn fat

Pilates essentially is not an efficient way to burn calories. However, it can help you burn fat. Pilates can help you build muscle which further helps burn fat and may also improve your metabolism. This happens as the increase in muscle means a higher basal metabolic rate.

2. Provides core strength

As discussed, improving core strength is one of the main reasons for which pilates was invented. Improved core strength improves your overall health and promotes flexibility and reduces the risk of injury. Core strength also lowers the risk of chronic pain like back pain, hip pain, neck pain, etc.

3. Increases flexibility

Pilates helps improve flexibility. The exercises practiced under pilates help move our bodies and increase their elasticity. An increase in core strength and elasticity also improves mobility.

4. Better posture

Pilates improves core strength which further betters flexibility and strength in muscles. Along with this, Pilates exercises focus on good posture which can improve your overall posture as well.

5. Boosts energy

Pilates similar to yoga focuses on mindfulness as well as a physical workout. A combination of these helps improve our mental health, blood flow, lung capacity, etc. All these factors boost the production of energy-boosting hormones.

6. Prevents risk of injury

Pilates encompasses core-strengthening exercises that help stretch our bodies. This increases our bodies' elasticity. An increase in elasticity reduces the risk of injuries. People that don't exercise regularly are prone to injuries due to a lack of elasticity.

7. Improves brain & body coordination

Pilates as mentioned incorporates the body and the mind. This helps build a better understanding between the two. Improved brain and body coordination also help you better understand your ailments and helps you in improving yourself.

8. Reduces stress

Pilates helps improve mental health as well. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, etc. It may also help with mood disorders. Pilates helps manage the nervous system which helps improve our overall wellbeing.

9. Boosts immunity

Like many workout regimes, pilates helps improve our immune system. Pilates boosts our immunity as it improves the functioning of various organs and systems in our bodies. Some studies have found, that practicing pilates might improve immunity in older adults.

10. Improves sleep quality

Exercising regularly, in general, helps improve the quality of sleep. Pilates helps improve various functions and the health of various organs. It helps release happy hormones which promote better sleep. Pilates also reduces chronic pain which may be hindering your quality of sleep.

In conclusion, there are various benefits pilates provides besides core strength. Practicing pilates even just once or twice a week can improve your mood, health, sleep, etc.

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