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Healthy Eating Tips: 4 Ways To Make Healthy Choices While Eating Outside, As Recommended By A Fitness Trainer

Healthy eating tips: Always order an additional side salad to your meals to add extra dose of fibre and volume to them, recommends Sweat trainer Kyla Itsines.

Healthy Eating Tips: 4 Ways To Make Healthy Choices While Eating Outside, As Recommended By A Fitness Trainer

Healthy eating tips: Share your meals with a friend to add more variety to it


  • You can make healthy choices while eating outside
  • Look through the menu of the restaurant beforehand
  • It can help you make healthy choices for your meals

It can be quite challenging to follow a fitness challenge or take on the path of fitness. It can be helpful to eat home-cooked food most of the times. But it is easier said than done. While some people find it easier to prepare their own food and eat at home (especially when they are really focusing on their health and fitness), for others who don't know cooking and don't really appreciate it, it can be quite a daunting task. Moreover, not going to eat outside and not socialising can be too much to ask. You don't really need to limit or restrict yourself in order to live a healthy lifestyle, says Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines.

Fitness tips: How you can make healthy choices while eating outside

In her post, Itsines says that it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle without limiting or restricting yourself. The restriction approach may only work for you in the short term, and may not be a sustainable.

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So here are a few tips that can help you have a healthy and balanced diet, even while eating out, as suggested by Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines:

Tips to eat healthy when eating outside

1. Side salad: Ordering an extra side salad can help in increasing your fibre intake and also make your meal more filing. Itsines says that no matter what she chooses for her main meal, she makes it a point to add an extra side salad as it helps in making her meals balanced. 


Order a serving of side salad to your meals to add more fibre and volume to your diet
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2. Share your meals: It may be a good idea to share your meals with a friend or a family. It helps in adding more variety to your meals, thus facilitating more diversity.

3. Go prepared: When going to eat outside, make sure you browse through the restaurant's menu beforehand. This way, it is more likely for you to make a healthy choice, in place of rushing to make a decision at the moment.

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4. Eat without fear: There are experts who allow cheat meals once or twice a week. So, if you ate something you shouldn't have, or if you have overeaten, do not stress yourself on it. "One meal isn't going to ruin your progress, but stressing about it will. Simply resume your normal routine the next day and just focus on eating healthy and nourishing foods, including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables," says Itsines.

Make sure you are enjoying your diet and exercise, to get the desired results on time. Otherwise, you won't be able to continue with it for too long. All in all, it is important to realise that getting fitter, healthier or leaner doesn't mean you have to compromise on spending time with your loved ones and having fun.

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