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Garam Masala: Why This Have-It-All Spice Must Be Added To Your Tadkas, Curries And Sabzis

Health benefits of garam masala: Prepared by grounding other spices like cardamom, coriander, red chilli, turmeric, and black pepper to name a few, garam masala can do wonders to your health. Luke Coutinho explains it all.

Garam Masala: Why This Have-It-All Spice Must Be Added To Your Tadkas, Curries And Sabzis

Garam masala is warm in nature and can give a boost to your metabolism


  • Garam masala can give a boost to your digestion
  • It can give a boost to metabolism and aid weight loss
  • Warm nature of garam masala can help in detoxification

Garam masala benefits: Are you a fan of garam masala? Can you simply not cook sabzis and dal tadkas without that extra tsp of garam masala? If yes, then this article is certainly going to be your favourite! Garam masala is essentially a powder made by grinding some of the most popular spices in the Indian kitchen like: dried red chilli, bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, cumin, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, black pepper, etc. All of these ingredients are slightly roasted and then ground to form a powder, commonly known as garam masala.

A tsp of garam masala (less or more if you want) in your tadkas and sabzis can impart a tangy and spicy flavour to your food. What's more, it also offers you a variety of health benefits! Talking about the multiple benefits of garam masala is lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho on Facebook.


Garam masala can impart delicious flavour to your food
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The many health benefits of garam masala and why you must add it to your food

In his video, Luke mentions that there are different recipes of garam masala according to different cultures and their aesthetics. The richness of spices in one single tsp of garam masala is what can do wonders to your health.

Luke highlights that there are certain spices which have been "scientifically tagged" as anti-cancer spices, because of the anti-inflammatory effect they have on cancerous cells in the body.

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Spices like cinnamon have been related to lowering blood sugar levels and being beneficial for diabetes; cloves have been known to be an effective remedy for tooth pain and cavities; cumin given to pregnant women to give a boost to their haemoglobin, cumin can be helpful for those dealing iron deficiency.

According to Ayurveda, garam masala is warm in nature. Foods that are naturally warming can be good for your metabolism. A healthy metabolism can help you feel more energetic throughout the day. Efficient metabolism can also help in burning fat and easing weight loss.

The human body also needs warm foods in order to detoxify (release toxins from the body).

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Garam masala is great for your digestive system. It can stimulate the digestive system to produce digestive enzymes that help in breakdown of fat, protein, carbs and fibre. Without sufficient digestive enzymes, you are likely to experience indigestion, bloating, gut issues, etc.

Do add black pepper for preparing garam masala. Piperine in black pepper increases bioavailability (aborption) of most foods.


Do add black pepper to garam masala
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Similarly, add turmeric to your garam masala. Curcumin in turmeric can be better absorbed in the body in the presence of piperine in black pepper.

In times of cough and cold, you can have half a tsp of garam masala with warm water and it can offer you some relief.

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You can prepare garam masala according to how it has been traditionally prepared in your family for generations. Make sure there is a jar-full of freshly ground garam masala at your home, at all time!

Word of caution

If you have acidity and experience gut issues, then garam masala is probably not as good for you.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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