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Do You Have A Pre-Workout Routine? Celeb Fitness Trainer Tells Why It Is So Important

Pre-workout routine: Set up a space for your workout and do not forget to warm-up and cool down. Here are all the reasons why having a pre-workout routine is so important for you.

Do You Have A Pre-Workout Routine? Celeb Fitness Trainer Tells Why It Is So Important

Pre-workout routine should include warming up and a healthy snack to improve your energy


  • Eat a healthy snack before your workout
  • Set up your workout space and get everything you need
  • Drink sufficient water and sleep well to improve exercise performance

One of the many reasons you may not feel motivated enough to workout every day is not feeling the energy and stamina to do it. This is exactly the reason why there's a dire need for pre-workout and post-workout routines, warm-up and cool down exercises, and even pre and post-workout nutrition. In order to help you feel energised and strong throughout your workout, celeb fitness trainer Kayla Itsines shares a few tips in one her recent posts on Instagram. In her post, Itsines talks about the little things that can have a big impact on your workout.

"If you find yourself struggling with your sessions and feeling tired or sore, you may not be making the best choices before and after your workouts," she writes in her Insta post.

Tips to feel energised and strong during your workout

1. Have a pre-workout routine

It is important to have a healthy snack like a handful of nuts and seeds, ghee-roasted makhanas or black chana, or even a banana and a shot of coffee before your workout. It will provide you with enough energy to perform at your best. Make sure you drink sufficient water.

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2. Set up your workout space

Now that most of you are working out at home, it is important to have one dedicated space to your workouts. Exercise at the same time every day and do not delay it. Get everything you need beforehand. All of this can help in setting the mood for a pumped-up workout session.


Set up your workout space and get everything you need for regular exercise
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3. Do not forget to warm-up and cool down

Warm-up and cool down are important for every session. Warming prepares your body for exercise while cooling down helps in restoring your breathing and reduces chances of muscle soreness and injury.

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4. Sleep well

The importance of sleeping well cannot be stressed enough. Not just for your health, it is also important to improve your performance and efficacy during workout. Itsines suggests going to bed an hour (or even half an earlier. It will give you body some extra time to recover. It will also help you wake up more energised for the next workout.

5. Have a workout buddy

Many people feel the need to be held accountable for their workouts and its "totally normal" says Itsines. Having a workout buddy can help you with this concern. It also makes your workout more fun and interesting.

6. Have a great music list

It can be the music of your choice and not necessarily traditional gym-music. Create a playlist of the songs you know will enjoy the most during your workout sessions. It makes you motivated and improves your mood for working out.

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Now this is some #MidweekMotivation you were probably looking for today. Alongside, here's a video shared by Itsines of exercises you can try!

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