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Do Cashews Increase Cholesterol? Rujuta Diwekar Reveals The Truth

Cashews health benefits: Cashews are high in calories, but these nuts are a powerhouse of nutrients that are beneficial for your heart health, blood sugar control and much more. Read here to know the truth about cashews and why you must eat them daily.

Do Cashews Increase Cholesterol? Rujuta Diwekar Reveals The Truth

Cashews can help in regulating blood sugar and reducing leg cramps at night


  • Cashews are as good as almonds and walnuts
  • Make sure you practice portion control while consuming cashews
  • Cashews can be included in weight loss diet as well

Winter is indeed the time to consume nuts, ghee and other foods that induce warmth in the body. And not just for keeping yourself warm, in winter there is need to make modifications in your diet to give a boost to your immunity and protect yourself from falling sick. Peanuts, which are legumes, and nuts like almonds, walnuts and even cashews can safely be consumed during winter, without worrying about cholesterol. Consumption of cashews have often been associated with increased level of cholesterol and even weight gain. But the truth is quite the opposite of it.

Do cashews increase cholesterol? Here's what Rujuta Diwekar has to say

Busting some myths about cashews is celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar on social media. In a short clip shared on social media, Rujuta shares reasons why you must include cashews in your diet.

"Cashews are the produce of India and Africa and they are just as good as almonds and walnuts, if not any better. But you will still have doctors and dietitians who recommend eating almonds and walnuts but not cashews as they have cholesterol in them," says Rujuta in the video.

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However, the truth is that cashews do not contain cholesterol. In fact, cashews are a powerhouse of nutrients that can help treat occasional numbness in foot that people with diabetes often experience. Eating a handful of cashews every day will also help in reducing leg cramps at night. Cashews are also beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels.

Rujuta goes on to inform that the fruit of cashew is five times richer in Vitamin C than one orange. Apart from being good for boosting immunity, Vitamin C is also cardio protective. The nutrient can give you healthy joints and heart.

Other health benefits of cashews

1. Cashews have heart-healthy properties that can help in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Micronutrients like potassium, Vitamin E and B6 and folic acid offer protection from heart disease.

2. You can include cashews in controlled portions in weight loss diet too. And nut just cashews, but all nuts are high in calories but are super healthy at the same time. Portion control is the key when it comes to eat nuts in weight loss diet.

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3. Zeaxanthin and lutein are antioxidants in cashews that can be beneficial for eye health. Regular consumption of cashews can offer protection to eyes from damage and can prevent loss of vision that comes with age.


Regular consumption of cashews can be good for eye health
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4. Cashews also contain copper and iron. The two nutrients work together to help in formation of red blood cells. Regular consumption of cashews can optimise bone health too.

As far as you practice moderation, cashews, which are a product of nature, can benefit your body in numerous ways. Eat them guilt-free, every day!

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(Rujuta Diwekar is a nutritionist based in Mumbai)

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