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Coronavirus In India: Why Is Handwashing Important To Fight Coronavirus? Know When And How To Wash Your Hands To Stay Safe

Coronavirus in India: A total of 75 coronavirus cases have been reported in India. Handwashing is extremely important to keep your hands infection free. Wash your hands with soap and water or use alcohol based sanitiser.

Coronavirus In India: Why Is Handwashing Important To Fight Coronavirus? Know When And How To Wash Your Hands To Stay Safe

Handwashing is the basic step to fight coronavirus spread


  • Handwashing is important to fight coronavirus infection
  • Avoid going to crowded places to prevent the spread
  • Wear a medical mask if you experience flu like symptoms

The coronavirus spread took a serious turn this week when the health ministry confirmed a total of 75 positive cases and one death due to coronavirus. Many are still under observation at different hospitals all across the country. The Union Health Ministry has advised citizens to avoid public gatherings. Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 can spread easily from an infected person. A person infected with coronavirus can experience symptoms like cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, sore throat and some may experience difficulty in breathing. It is extremely important to follow the right precaution steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Hand washing is the basic step you need to follow to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Washing hands with water or soap or the use of alcohol-based sanitiser are considered as the best practice to avoid possible contact with the virus.

Why handwashing is important?

Coronavirus can spread through tiny droplets if the infected person coughs and sneezes. Inhaling or touching any such surfaces can lead to the spread of infection. It is extremely important to follow basic hygiene to the infection spread. When you are traveling or outside your house, you touch various surfaces throughout the day. You may catch the virus if you touch any surface with infection on it.

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Wash your hands with soap and water frequently
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Washing your hands with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses that may be on your hands. Also, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth before washing your hands.

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When should you wash your hands?

It is advised to wash hands more frequently than usual. According to the World Health Organisation, you should wash hands-

  • After coughing or sneezing
  • When caring for the sick
  • Before, during and after you prepare food
  • Before eating
  • After toilet use
  • When hands are visibly dirty
  • After handling animals or animal waste

Always keep a alcohol based hand rub with you
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Always keep an alcohol-based sanitiser to keep your hands when and wherever required and always wash your hands thoroughly after regular intervals.

The right way to wash your hands

Take some soap. Create a lather. Clean the back of your hands, in between your fingers, the end of your fingers, thumb, palms, wrist and the top of your hand again. Rinse the soap from your hands. Turn of the tap with a tissue to prevent cross contamination. Discard the tissue into a bin. It should take you around 20 seconds to wash your hands properly.

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