You Can Get Rid Of Holiday Weight Gain With These Easy Tips

Nutritionist Agarwal says we forget to balance our indulgence during vacation and this contributes to weight gain later.

You Can Get Rid Of Holiday Weight Gain With These Easy Tips

Weight loss: Activities like swimming, cycling or trekking can help you stay fit


  • Do simple exercises when on a vacation
  • Simple balance your indulgence with physical activities when on vacation
  • Swimming is a great exercise you can try when on a vacation

One of the most frequent topics that come under the spotlight during leisure is weight gain. Everybody likes to have some time off from regular work and indulge, but the fear of gaining weight post vacation is real. We tend to give our diet plan a break and relish the delicacies and stay indoors in our free time. Given the ongoing pandemic, it is more so. When the vacation is over, we keep thinking about what we could have done differently to avoid putting on weight. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal says this is a genuine concern. What if there is a way to enjoy our vacation and still remain fit and healthy?

Stay fit during a vacation with these tips

In a new post on Instagram, Nmami discusses the issue. She says the biggest problem is "we forget to balance our indulgence" during vacation. "I mean indulgence is good, we're on a vacation. (But) Just balance your indulgence," she adds.

Reminding people how to balance indulgence, Nmami says those on vacation should look out for activities around themselves - like swimming, cycling, walking around or exploring the place, and trekking.

Swimming can be an excellent way of shedding that extra weight. But it's also important to know when and how to swim to maximise the results. Health experts say swimming, a full-body workout, in the morning before breakfast gives amazing results. Also, gradually start swimming harder and faster to burn more calories. However, pay attention to your heart rate.

Cycling is considered another excellent cardio workout. It can boost heart and lung health, improve blood flow, build muscle strength, and lower stress levels. On top of it, it can burn fat and torch calories.

When it comes to walking, health experts advise an adult person should clock at least 10,000 steps a day. It can also be done in short bursts of 20 minutes three times a day. Walking in short bursts helps in controlling blood sugar levels better than a 45-minute walk once a day. The additional benefit is you get to explore the place you are vacationing. Take a camera, if you wish, to capture the place and break the monotony.

If you are vacationing at a hill station, go for a short trek. Generally, hiking burns calories faster than walking as it utilises more energy to move along a steeper path.

You can also carry your own workout gear to maintain your physical health. Since vacation has become synonymous with indulgence, staying active can help you avoid weight gain.

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