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Arthritis: 7 Arthritis-Related Myths Debunked

Here are the most common arthritis-related myths you need to look out for.

Arthritis: 7 Arthritis-Related Myths Debunked

You must continue to take medication to maintain the relief

Arthritis is one of the most commonly known diseases which affects the health of our bones and joints. Arthritis can cause chronic pain and stiffness in our bones and joints. One might develop arthritis as an autoimmune disease known as rheumatoid arthritis or through general wear and tear called osteoarthritis.

This globally known disease may be prone to many myths and misinformation as it is very common. In this article, we discuss the most common myths surrounding this disorder and share what the truth is.

7 arthritis myths and what is the truth:

Myth #1: Arthritis is worse in monsoon

Many have a misconception about weather changes affecting arthritis symptoms. However, there are no studies that show a link between the two. Many claims to experience worsening symptoms during humid weather or during monsoon.

Myth #2: Stop exercising if arthritis symptoms worsen

Irregular workout routines and practicing high-impact exercises may cause tension and pain for arthritis patients. However, this tension and pain occur due to a lack of consistency. Working out helps reduce arthritis pain and increase flexibility in muscles. The ideal way to work out is to exercise regularly and gradually increase the intensity of the workout.

Myth #3: Certain foods can ‘cure' arthritis

Arthritis is an incurable disease. Although arthritis symptoms can be reduced through medication, exercising, and other lifestyle alterations. No foods like eggplant, soaked raisins, etc. can completely ‘cure' this disorder.

Myth #4: You are only prone to arthritis in old age

Most conditions often have misinformation regarding who may or may not be prone to these diseases. People over the age of 40-50 are often expected to be prone to developing arthritis but that is incorrect. Studies show people in the age group 20-40 may be prone to rheumatoid arthritis.

Myth #5: Acidic foods induce inflammation

Arthritis often causes stiffness and inflammation around our bones and joints. Acidic foods such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, etc. have proven to cause inflammation and irritation in the throat and certain other ailments. They do not have the same impact on arthritis symptoms.

Myth #6: Heating is better than icing

Many people opt for heating pads or ice packs to reduce arthritis symptoms. Both of these techniques are temporary yet effective. Heating does not provide more relief than icing. How one reacts to both may differ from one person to another.

Myth #7: You can stop the medication if there are no symptoms

As discussed above, arthritis is an incurable disease. They are many effective medications helpful in reducing arthritis symptoms. These medications only provide relief if consumed as prescribed. You might start to experience arthritis symptoms eventually if you stop taking your medication.

In conclusion, seeking reliable and professional advice is always the right way to go. A popular perception does not mean it is a fact. We encourage you to regularly see your doctor if you have arthritis or similar issues. You must also understand the importance of consuming medication regularly. Along with this, we advise you to follow a healthy lifestyle with s regular workout routine.

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