5 Vaginal Hygiene Tips You Must Follow Diligently

Vaginal hygiene tips: Health coach Luke Coutinho takes to Facebook to talk about some important vaginal hygiene and vaginal health tips that all women must follow.

5 Vaginal Hygiene Tips You Must Follow Diligently

Avoid douching as it can disturb PH balance of vagina


  1. Pat your vagina dry after shower and after peeing
  2. Take off your underwear while sleeping
  3. Avoid vaginal tightening creams and sticks

Women must make sure of taking care of their vaginal health. Maintaining vaginal hygiene is important to prevent incidence of urinary tract infections, fungal infections and vaginal hygiene. In order to spread awareness about vaginal health and cleanliness, health coach Luke Coutinho took to Facebook to share some important tips to take care of vagina. According to Luke, a few lifestyle changes can help in keeping your vaginal healthy, hygienic and clean. A few lifestyle changes can help in keeping vaginal pain, thrush and yeast infections at bay.

Following are some important tips to maintain your vaginal health

1. Pat your vagina dry after shower and after peeing

Moist areas are the places where yeast and bacteria tend to thrive. In case your vagina is moist after having a shower or after peeing, there are chances that your panties will absorb the moisture and create a breathing ground for yeast and bacteria. Hence, pat your vagina dry after peeing or taking a shower.


Doing Kiegel exercises is better than vaginal tightening sticks and creams
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2. Take off your underwear while sleeping

It is important to know that the skin on your genital area needs to breathe. Wearing synthetic underwear does not let your vagina breathe or have access to pure air. For giving room to your vagina to breathe, it is suggested to sleep without your underwear.

3. Pee after sex

In case you get urinary tract infection frequently, you must pee after sex. Also, peeing after sex is important in case you feel pain after having sex. Peeing after sex is considered good for sexual health and hygiene.


Pee after sex in case you feel pain during sexual intercourse
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4. Avoid vaginal tightening creams and sticks

Instead of opting for vaginal tightening creams and sticks, it is recommended that you spend more time doing Kiegal exercises. Vaginal tightening sticks can make sexual intercourse a painful experience, while vaginal creams work towards tightening vagina by drying it out. Also, vaginal tightening creams and sticks can block vaginal discharge - which is the natural way of cleaning out any possible bacteria or yeast.

5. Douching

Douching is referred to a process of using shampoos, soaps and solutions or spraying water in your vagina for cleaning it. However, all of these practices must be avoided as they disturb the PH of vagina and may give room to bacteria to thrive. Alterations in PH of vagina can increase chances of infection and UTI.

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Women must also not worry about vaginal discharge - as it is a part of normal process of vagina working towards flushing out bacteria and toxins. Taking a regular shower will help in maintaining the right bacteria and will also help you keep clean.

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