Winter Special: 6 Desi Recipes You Can Cook And Store For Days

We have prepared a list of some popular Indian recipes that you can cook and store for a long time. Read on.

Winter Special: 6 Desi Recipes You Can Cook And Store For Days

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Winter is upon us, and there's nothing like savouring seasonal delicacies that are warm and cosy. However, let us all agree that cooking your daily meals in this chilly weather can be off-putting. It gets worse when you have to step into the kitchen either early in the morning or at the end of the day. Much relatable? This is a universal issue, and we get it! Hence, we have a simple idea that may help resolve your problem to some extent - all you need to do is prepare food in large batches and store it.

Now, you must be wondering what if the food gets spoiled or contaminated. In that case, pick the right kind of recipe that is easy to store. Here, we have prepared a list of some popular Indian recipes that you can cook and store for a long time. Take a look.

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Here Are 6 Indian Dishes You Can Cook And Store In Winter:

1. Sarson ka saag:

Winter brings along a range of greens that are nutritious and versatile as well. One such popular seasonal vegetable is mustard greens, or as we call it, sarson ka saag. You can prepare the saag beforehand and store it for a long time. This will not only save you from cooking everyday meals but also increase the taste and aroma of the dish. How, you ask? With time, spices infuse with the saag, making it tastier than before. All you need to do is add a tadka every time you eat. Click here for the sarson ka saag recipe.

2. Rajma:

In one word, rajma-chawal defines comfort. Boiled rajma, cooked in a pool of spices, the dish is wholesome, nutritious, and tastes delicious. You can easily prepare the dish beforehand and store it in small batches whenever you need them. Click here for the recipe.

3. Kadhi:

Let's agree, a hot bowl of kadhi instantly warms up your soul. Dahi and besan, mixed and cooked in some basic spices, kadhi has a very light flavour that's comforting as well. We like preparing kadhi beforehand and storing it for some days to enjoy the enhanced flavours, courtesy of the infusion of spices. Click here for different types of kadhi recipes from across India.

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4. Chicken Curry:

Have you ever wondered why chicken curry tastes better the next day? It is because the chicken pieces get enough time to soak in the gravy. So, this winter, prepare your favourite chicken curry in a large batch and save it for the next few meals. This will not only save the hassle but also make the dish taste better. Click here for some popular chicken curry recipes.

5. Gond ke ladoo:

This traditional Indian sweet holds a special place in our diet, especially during the winter. Made with gond (edible gum), wheat flour, ghee, dry fruits, and nuts, it is packed with nutrients and keeps you warm in the chilly weather. The best part is that you can prepare it once and store it for a long time. Click here for the recipe for gond ke ladoo.

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6. Panjiri:

Another quintessential desi mithai, made with atta, ghee, nuts, seeds, and spices, Panjiri tastes delicious. And thanks to the healthy almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, melon seeds, etc. used in the recipe, it helps you stay immune against various common seasonal diseases. Click here for the recipe.

Bonus Tip:

How you store the food plays a major role in its freshness. Here are some key points to remember while storing food:

1. Use a sterilized container.

2. Make sure the container is dry before storing food.

3. Store in small batches and consume one portion at one go.

4. Lock the containers well and store them in a cool and dry place to avoid excess moisture.

5. The best practice is to consume most of your cooked food within three days of preparation. However, some dishes can last up to a month if kept properly.

Happy winter, everyone!