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Weight Loss: Drinking a Glass of This Juice Every Morning May Cut Belly Fat

Weight loss: Having a glass of lauki juice in the morning on an empty stomach may help aid weight loss and metabolism

Weight Loss: Drinking a Glass of This Juice Every Morning May Cut Belly Fat

Are you on a weight loss diet? want to get rid of the stubborn inches around your belly?Well, then you must have heard a dozen advises catering to your diet and workout regimen. When it come sto weight loss, everyone has something to say. One of the most common weight loss advice is to capitalise on mornings. Mornings are touted to be the best time to work towards your desired body. This is because during mornings our metabolism is the highest. Whatever we eat during mornings, the calories generated through the food would be expended more efficiently. Meal rich in protein and fibres are therefore the best way to kickstart your mornings. The induce feeling of fullness, which helps keep you energized and keep hunger pangs at bay. Fibre-rich vegetable juices are also said to work wonders to shed those extra inches around your belly. For the longest time, lauki juice or bottle gourd has been a favourite in the world of health and nutrition. According to the book, "101 Weight Loss Tips" by Dr.Shikha Sharma having a glass of ghia juice or lauki juice in the morning on an empty stomach may help aid weight loss and metabolism.


Weight Loss: How Does Lauki Juice Help Melt Belly Fat

Lauki is one of the most loved Indian summer vegetable. The vegetable is extremely hydrating and nourishing. It is a rich source of vitamin C, A and K and essential minerals like sodium, calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium. It's rich antioxidant content is said to promote heart health by keeping bad cholesterol at bay.  
Asha Thorat in her book 25 Fat Burning Juice Recipes writes, "Fiber is the key to weight loss. Bottle gourd contains less calories with no fat." 

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Lauki is rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers. Fibre takes the longest time to digest. Which means it stays in your system for long, thereby inducing a sense of satiety. If you feel full you would naturally binge less. High fibre also helps facilitate smoother digestion, a healthy digestion is key to healthy weight loss.  

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Besides,100 grams of bottle gourd contain about 15 calories, and a mere 1 gram of fat. It is also low in saturated fat and cholesterol!  For best results you should have the juice in the morning on an empty stomach. Also, one should consume the juice immediately as it oxidises quite fast. You should not strain the juice with a sieve as you will then lose out on the fiber, which is the key to shed extra kilos.

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