Weight Loss: 5 Incredible Tips To Cut Belly Fat This Winter 

There are many good dietary practices that you can adopt to keep those extra kilos at bay and aim towards sustainable weight loss.

Weight Loss: 5 Incredible Tips To Cut Belly Fat This Winter

The chilly weather is making us lazier by the day, and let's admit it, most of us are relying on our baggy sweatshirts to hide those extra pounds. With winters, our metabolism tends to take a beating which makes us prone to putting on weight. Giving into the greasy winter cravings further makes the matter worse. Fortunately, there are many good dietary practices that you can adopt to keep those extra kilos at bay and aim towards sustainable weight loss.

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Here are 5 diet tips to cut belly fat this winter: 

1. Seasonal vegetables: Winters come loaded with many seasonal vegetables that are associated with weight loss and boosting metabolism. Veggies like carrots, radish, methi, mustard greens are all packed with vital antioxidants and fibre that helps facilitate weight loss. So make sure you make the most of these veggies while they are in season.

2. Sip on soups: Snuggling with our own cup of hot soup is one of our most favourite winter pastimes. Souping is becoming quite a rage in the world of health and nutrition too for its weight loss boosting abilities. You can throw in any vegetable and herbs of your choice in to it. The best part about souping is that unlike juicing it helps retain fibres too. Fibres take long to breakdown and digest which makes them stay in the system for longer, thereby preventing the urge to binge.Soups make for a filling preparation because of its high water content too. Make sure you opt for clear soups over the fatty creamy ones for best benefits.

3. Do not juice have whole fruits: Juicing may cost you essential weight-loss-friendly fibres. While there is nothing wrong in consuming juice, but it is always a better idea to consume whole fruits. Some of the best fibre-rich winter fruits are guavas, oranges and grapes.

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 Weight Loss: Include healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet to prevent weight gain

4. Have enough water: Since you are mostly indoors during winters, you do not exert yourself too much, thereby reducing your urge to drink water by a great extent. But you must note, that ideally one must drink up to eight glasses a day. Water helps you keep full, thereby keeping cravings at bay. Sometimes our body is actually demanding water but our brain perceives the thirst signals as hunger signals, making you reach out to an unhealthy snack. So, keep sipping into water to avoid such unnecessary bingeing. 

5. Start day with warm water: Start your day by sipping into lukewarm water with a pinch of lemon and honey. The warming and soothing concoction may help fire up your metabolism and assist your weight loss plans in a long run.

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