Watch: Vlogger Finds Dead Fly In Burger King Taco; Fast-Food Chain Responds

A food vlogger from Punjab turned to Instagram to share a video of a dead fly that he found in the veg cheese taco he had ordered at the restaurant at midnight.

Watch: Vlogger Finds Dead Fly In Burger King Taco; Fast-Food Chain Responds

The video of the dead fly was shared on Instagram. (Image Credit: Instagram/@food_mehkma)

The hygiene of food has become an issue of major concern in recent times. Everyday, we come across people reporting hygiene-related issues at restaurants. While some find insects like cockroaches and mosquitoes, others complain about the quality of food in general. Regardless, this has caused worry among customers as they are now more sceptical about dining out than ever before.  And whenever they do, they make sure to inform others about it on their social media handles. In a recent addition, a food vlogger from Punjab turned to Instagram to recount a similar incident. He shared a video of a dead fly that he found in the veg cheese taco he had ordered. 

The user expressed his frustration, stating, "Last night at 1:20 am, I visited @burgerkingindia to satisfy my late-night cravings. I ordered a veg cheese taco, and when it was served, I checked it because it seemed overly oily and had a strong smell, as you can see in the video. I don't typically inspect my food closely, but this time, I randomly checked and found a dead fly in my taco." He urged everyone to carefully inspect their food to ensure it is safe to eat. Check out his post here:

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Sharing the video, he also wrote, "The sighting raises concerns not only about the cleanliness of the kitchen but also poses serious health risks. I believe it is crucial for you to address this issue urgently by implementing effective pest control measures to eliminate the rodent infestation." "Maintaining a clean and safe environment is essential, and the presence of dead flies undermines the well-being of residents and visitors alike. I urge you to take swift action to resolve this matter, conducting a thorough inspection of the kitchen to ensure that such incidents do not recur," he added.

The post swiftly gained momentum, sparking responses from internet users. One person shared a similar experience and wrote, "In fact, I also faced a similar issue wherein I was served chicken wings with blood. Even after complaining, the issue wasn't resolved well - no replacement, no refund, and I just wasted my money." Some people also inquired about which Burger King outlet it was, but the vlogger hasn't disclosed it. "Kahan ka Burger King hai bhai (Which Burger King is this, brother?)". A third person wrote, "Very bad @burgerkingindia." Another jokingly wrote, "Death time note karo iska (Note down its time of death)".

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Soon after the vlogger shared the video, the fast-food chain was quick to acknowledge it. Burger King's response read, "Hi, we never intend to provide such an experience. Can you please DM us your contact number, store location, and order ID so that we can get in touch with you? Rest assured, we will investigate this thoroughly."

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