Watch: Video Of Giant 'Hulk' Golgappa Left Internet Users Stunned

A video featuring a chef deep-frying a dish goes viral, sparking a debate among Indian food enthusiasts that it resembles a giant golgappa.

Watch: Video Of Giant 'Hulk' Golgappa Left Internet Users Stunned

A deep-fried spherical ball was termed 'Hulk golgappa' by many.

No matter how many fine dining restaurants we visit, street food will always occupy a special place in our hearts. Be it a wholesome, buttery pav bhaji or a crispy papdi chaat - there is so much variety to choose from in India's street food landscape. Pani puri (or golgappa) is also one such dish that has millions of fans all over the world. So when a video of a chef deep frying a dish was shared online, it got Indian foodies buzzing with curiosity. Wondering what it was all about? Take a look and see for yourself:

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The intriguing clip was shared on Instagram reels by the popular handle @uniquesatisfyingchannell. Since the time it was posted, it has received over 533k views and 12.8 likes. "What is he making," read the caption. In the video, we could see the chef deep-frying what seemed to be a spherical ball of dough topped with sesame seeds. The exact dish name was unclear. As the hot oil was poured over the ball, it got bigger in size till it almost became as big as a football! The crispy dish was then served on a plate.

A number of comments and reactions poured into the video shared on Instagram. Plenty of users shared their guesses and responses about what the dish could be. "World's largest gulab jamun," said one user while another wrote, "A giant bhatura? Whatever it is, I want one." "Bahubali Pani Puri - ye naam thik rahega (Bahubali Pani Puri - this name will be appropriate)," said another user while yet another wrote, "Golgappa for Hulk." Meanwhile, the dish was actually from Vietnam and was a kind of hollow bread, as a user explained in the comments section. "He is making Banh Tieu - which is a Vietnamese bread with nothing inside. It is very good, you guys should search it up," stated a user.

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