This Article is From Oct 11, 2023

Watch: Temjen Imna Along Makes And Relishes Yummy Vada Pav, Internet Approves

A clip showing Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along making vada pav from scratch has grabbed eyeballs online.

Watch: Temjen Imna Along Makes And Relishes Yummy Vada Pav, Internet Approves

Temjen Imna Along recently made vada pav from scratch (Photo Credit: X/ AlongImna)

A few days back, a video showing Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along relishing pani puri took the internet by storm. He praised Indian street food through his post, and many people online echoed his sentiments (Read full story here). More recently, he posted about another popular street food: vada pav. In this clip, he is not only enjoying this delicious snack. It also shows him making it from scratch, right from mashing potatoes to frying the vadas. He captioned it, "Thank you for waiting,...pesh hai T-Man wali special dish, safar vada pav ka, Mumbai se Kohima!" [Thank you for waiting, presenting T-Man's special dish, the journey of vada pav from Mumbai to Kohima!"]

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In the video, we first see different ingredients being chopped: onions, green chillies and garlic cloves. The minister is seen mashing boiled potatoes with his hands. In the next shot, he is observed adding the onions to hot oil in a kadhai. He sautees them with what looks to be chopped ginger. This masala is then combined with the mashed potatoes. Separately, the batter for the coating is also prepared by mixing besan and water.

The minister shapes the potato mixture into small balls and keeps them ready. Once they are all done, he submerges them in the besan batter. Later, he coats them properly and pops them into a large kadhai filled with oil for deep frying. The vadas sizzle as they cook and turn golden brown. Finally, the minister relished the freshly fried treats with some green chutney. Other people around him are also seen serving themselves the vada pav with the chutney. Watch the full video here:

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The X post has received more than 37K views and more than 2K likes so far. It is winning many hearts online. Check out how some people reacted to it:

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