Watch: Man From China Breaks Guinness World Records For Continuously Spraying Water From His Mouth

Watch this man spouting water from his mouth for more than 5 minutes at a stretch, smashing the Guinness World Records.

Watch: Man From China Breaks Guinness World Records For Continuously Spraying Water From His Mouth

Man sprays water from mouth for the longest time ever. (Photo: Instagram /guinnessworldrecords)

The Guinness World Records has found another old record being smashed by a big margin. A man from China, 35-year-old Ma Hui, drank 4.5 litres (1.1 US gallons) of water and then sprayed it out of his mouth continuously for 5 minutes 51.88 seconds. The previous record was for just 56.36 seconds, set by Kirubel Yilma from Ethiopia in 2016. The Guinness World Records explains on its official website that to achieve this record, "water must be spurted or sprayed from the mouth - dribbling is not permitted. As soon as the water stream breaks or stops, the record attempt ends."

Guinness World Records has also shared the video of the record being made on its official Instagram handle. The video starts with Ma Hui drinking a large amount of water -- precisely 4.5 litres. He then begins to spout it out of his mouth into a bucket. A timer can be seen running side-by-side. When Ma Hui finally stops, the time recorded is 5 minutes 51.88 seconds.

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"Longest time to spray water from the mouth 5 min 51.88 sec by Ma Hui," read the caption of the post.

Here is how people are reacting to this record in the comments section:

"Bro where does he get so much water," a curious viewer wrote. "5 minutes?? Bro how," another asked with surprise. Seeing the video, many people were reminded of a fountain. "Fountain man is here," one wrote, and another added, "Bro is like a fountain."

Another surprised viewer noticed, "Wow! He even stopped like the way a tap out of water would stop." One joked, "Inbuilt reserve."

Guinness World Records notes that Hui spouted the water in a more controlled manner than the previous record holder, enabling him to do it for over six times as long.

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Water spouting is a trick which has been performed since the 17th century. It involves drinking large amounts of water and regurgitating it using muscle control. Magicians also perform this 'real' trick, which is achieved by learning how to control the muscles of your stomach and force the water back up. American illusionist and magician David Blaine is also famous for performing the water spouting technique.

Disclaimer: It is important to know that this technique is performed by experts and can be highly dangerous if done without professional supervision and guidance.  Do not try this at home.