Vlogger 'Reviews' Hospital Stay Like A Hotel In Satirical Video, Internet Calls It "Genius"

A satirical video on a hospital stay described like it was a resort has received a lot of interest on Instagram. Don't miss the reactions.

Vlogger 'Reviews' Hospital Stay Like A Hotel In Satirical Video, Internet Calls It 'Genius'

A viral video shows a hospital 'review' like that of restaurant or hotel (Photo: Instagram/ triggtube)

A recent reel about a vlogger's 3-day hospital visit has grabbed eyeballs online for a unique reason. In the now-viral video, Trigg Ferrano (@triggtube) 'reviews' his medical stay as if he were on vacation at a resort. His satirical yet light-hearted take has won many hearts online. He starts by calling it the "most expensive restaurant in America". The vlogger talks about how the establishment doesn't take any reservations and that you need a membership (i.e. medical insurance) to even check in. "Once you're in, the head chef crafts a personalised 3-day tasting menu complete with 24/7 private room service and all-you-can-drink minibar". While describing the latter, the video actually shows an IV bag.

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He goes on to tell us how, on the first day, "the chef restricts the menu to nothing but clear liquids." He refers to the vegetable broth as "absolutely divine". On day 2, he explains that the chef "prepares three courses of full liquids". The vlogger gives each of the 'delicacies' an interesting description, mentioning a "deconstructed chocolate from Switzerland, anti-probiotic French Yoghurt and imported Italian sorbetto, served alongside classics like cream of wheat, pureed soup and, of course, chocolate pudding."

He also gives other tips for one's stay, including taking a stroll with custom walking socks to enjoy the "resort's highly curated collection of fine art". Towards the end, he talks about the "absolute highlight" of the weekend: the solid food course on Day 3. He says that it was "well worth the over 10000-dollar price tag." Watch the complete reel here:

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The video has clocked over 8 million views so far. In the comments, many users played along with his satirical take and shared their experiences with similar metaphors. Others were simply appreciative of his creativity and well-written script. Check out some of the reactions from Instagram below:

"People are dying to get in."

"3 Michelin scars."

"Even the private ride to go there is insanely expensive."

"They do take reservations. You just have to know the right person."

"You forgot to mention that sometimes they don't feed you a day or two to increase your appetite."

"Took my girl there to celebrate her pregnancy, they even delivered the baby 10/10 service."

"I was there a few years ago...I had a private tasting room with a computerized menu with entertainment and enclosure. I had a personal team who kept my reserved space clean daily. The mini bar was always kept fully stocked!"

"I almost thought it was a gimmicky hospital-themed restaurant or something."

"This is what being creative is all about! Pure genius."

"How do we get this video to play on the TV at every patient admission?! This is GOLD."

"This is the best way to explain 'finding the silver lining' lol."

What did you think of this video? Let us know in the comments below.

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