Viral Now: X User Orders Lime Soda Via Swiggy, Claims He Received Empty Sealed Glass Instead

The incident has sparked many hilarious reactions online. Swiggy has also responded to the viral post.

Viral Now: X User Orders Lime Soda Via Swiggy, Claims He Received Empty Sealed Glass Instead

An X post about a Swiggy order problem has sparked a meme fest (Photo Credit: X/ aaraynsh)

A recent viral post about a Swiggy order has received a lot of interest online and has sparked many hilarious reactions. User @aaraynsh took to X (formerly Twitter) to claim that he received an empty sealed glass instead of the lime soda he had originally ordered via the food delivery platform. Sharing a picture of the glass, he wrote, "Thanks, Swiggy, for sending me a sealed empty glass. I hope my lime soda will come in another order." He ended the caption with a red heart emoji. Take a look below:

The post has received more than 180K views so far. Swiggy took cognisance of the incident and replied, "Hi Aaraynsh! That seems odd, can you help us with your order ID? We'll look into this. - Kaarthik." Aaraynsh later commented to clarify that he got a refund. He wrote, "Thanks, resolved now, received a refund of Rs. 80 for soda worth Rs. 120."

X users had a lot to say about the incident. Several shared funny theories for the same. Check out some of their comments below:

"Garmi mei evaporate ho gya hoga." ["It must have evaporated in the heat."]

"It's the latest tech to send liquid in vapour form."

"They will send you one bucket of lime soda in the next order."

"They assumed you have water, lime, soda, salt and sugar at home. The glass was the actual problem. So they sent you the glass!"

"Haters will say this tweet was sponsored by Zomato."

"Is the glass half full or half empty? Le Swiggy:"

"When life gives you lemons next, give it to @Swiggy unko kaam ayegaa [...give it to Swiggy, it will come of use to them.]"

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