Viral: Man Claims He Got Different Pricing For Same Location On Swiggy Instamart, Company Responds

Swiggy Instamart: A viral post that has X abuzz shows how a user allegedly found differences in prices of products to be delivered to the same location via Swiggy Instamart.

Viral: Man Claims He Got Different Pricing For Same Location On Swiggy Instamart, Company Responds

A post about variable pricing on Swiggy Instamart is viral (Photo Credit: X/ Prnv_B)

Do you often use online platforms for the delivery of food and groceries? Among the most popular ones at present is Swiggy Instamart. Recently, a Bengaluru man took to X (formerly Twitter) when he noticed something rather strange when he was placing his order. As per the viral post, the man and his wife seemed to have got variable prices for the same products to be delivered to the same location. He wrote, "Looks like @Swiggy Instamart has variable pricing. This is me and my wife ordering from the same location in Bangalore. Look at the price of the Lavash. Why?"

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Two pictures have been attached to the post. One shows that the original price of 100 gms of Lavash is Rs 120, which after discount is Rs 80. The other photo simply shows the original price of the same lavash as Rs 129 and does not offer any discount either. Take a look below:

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The X post has received a lot of interest online and has clocked 218K views so far. Swiggy responded to the man's post, stating, "Hi Pranav, we'd like to check this and, know why the difference. Can we please have the complete screenshots and registered details via DM? - Varsha".

Sometime later, the company added another reply to the thread after the situation was resolved. "We hope to have addressed this over DM. Feel free to reach out if any queries :) - Varsha."

Several other X users speculated about the reason for the difference in pricing. Take a look at some of the theories and reactions below:

What do you think about this viral post? Have you ever experienced something similar? Let us know in the comments below.

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