Watch: Woman Makes Ice Cream Out Of Marigold Flowers, Internet Fascinated

A viral video shows a woman making marigold flower ice cream from scratch. Read to know how people reacted online.

Watch: Woman Makes Ice Cream Out Of Marigold Flowers, Internet Fascinated

A viral video shows the preparation of marigold flower ice cream (Photo Credit: Instagram/ soyanitasan)

Most of us are no strangers to unconventional ice cream flavours. Social media often introduces us to experimental flavours and unusual ingredients used to make this popular treat. Among the latest ones making waves online is marigold flower ice cream. A viral video showing the step-by-step preparation of this delicacy has received a lot of interest online. While the idea may sound strange at first, Instagram users have actually been left impressed by this edible flower delight. Find out more about it below.

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In the Instagram reel by @soyanitasan, we see a woman cutting off marigold flowers from stems. She places them in a container and then pours hot water over them. After some time, she washes them separately and plucks off the petals of the flowers. She transfers the petals to a blender and combines them with water and milk. She strains this mixture into another container. Next, she adds sugar, some kind of grounded spice (could be cinnamon or nutmeg), vanilla essence and heavy cream to it. She whisks the mixture and then places it in an ice cream maker to churn. Once ready, she transfers the homemade dessert into individual boxes to be stored. Watch the complete reel here:

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The video has received more than 8 million views so far. Many people have found the idea of marigold ice cream quite fascinating. Although some are sceptical, others have expressed interest in trying it out. Check out some of the reactions below:

"This looks delicious."

"My favourite flowers - I would try it."

"I have never seen anyone make soft serve ice cream out of flowers before but I'm entranced nonetheless."

"As an Indian, I can sense the taste from the video."

"Mexican people: sees beautiful flowers. Also Mexican people: that looks so refreshing."

"I love this, it shouldn't be "weird" to eat flowers. Nature is the ultimate provider."

"It looks better than pumpkin spice."

"Just make sure you're getting flowers that aren't sprayed with pesticides."

Before this, a video showing a person grilling sunflower petals took the internet by storm. Instagram users were surprised by this unusual savoury dish. Read the full story here.

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