"Avatar Biryani" - Video Showing Blue-Coloured Ghee Rice Divides Internet

A viral recipe for butterfly pea ghee rice has received a lot of interest on Instagram. Wondering how people reacted to the dish? Find out below.

'Avatar Biryani' - Video Showing Blue-Coloured Ghee Rice Divides Internet

A viral video shows the making of a blue coloured rice dish (Photo Credit: Instagram/ thecookingamma)

Blue-coloured food items often attract interest as they catch our eye with their unique shades. Recently, a recipe for a blue-coloured ghee rice took the Internet by storm. In the Instagram reel by @thecookingamma, we see a vlogger wash butterfly pea flowers and separate their petals from the stems. At the same time, she soaks rice for a few minutes. She boils water in a pot and adds the petals to it. After boiling them together on low flame for some time, she removes the petals from the pot. She adds the soaked rice to the blue liquid in the vessel. She cooks it for around 20 minutes on medium flame. Later, she adds salt and ghee on top.

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In another pot, she heats ghee and adds whole spices. She also adds cashews, raisins, chopped onions and sliced green chillies. She mixes the blue rice from earlier with this masala base. After the ingredients have been combined thoroughly, the butterfly pea ghee rice is ready to be served. Watch the complete viral video below:

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The video has received more than 12 million views so far. In the comments, Instagram users were rather divided over this viral recipe. A few were wowed and appreciated the novelty of the idea. Others were simply curious. However, some were put off by the colour of the rice. One user called it "Avatar Biryani" while another named it "MI Rice Plate" (MI stands for Mumbai Indians - the Indian Premier League Team). Check out some of the comments here:

"In Malaysia, we also have blue rice using this flower. It is called Nasi Kerabu."

"I used to cook nasi lemak (Coconut Rice) with Butterfly Blue pea... in our country in Malaysia.. thanks for sharing. New ideas to cook Ghee rice with Butterfly Blue pea.. will try this soon. Beautiful in blue colour."

"Looks so beautiful and innovative..."

"I felt this would be my last biriyani."

"Technically it's edible but it feels wrong."

"God I would never eat that."

"I just lost my appetite looking at that bright blue colour rice."

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