Viral Video Of "Nonna" Feeding WFH Grandchild Lots Of Food Wins Internet

Viral video of the day: A video showing an Italian grandmother bringing many dishes for her grandchild working from home has won many hearts online.

Viral Video Of 'Nonna' Feeding WFH Grandchild Lots Of Food Wins Internet

Latest viral video of the day: A video pays tribute to a Nonna feeding her grandkid lots of food.

For many people, making and sharing food is a love language. They express their care by ensuring that their dear ones are well-fed and have delicious food to dig into. Recently, a video showing a "Nonna" (an Italian grandmother) treating her grandchild to lots of food went viral. Interestingly, the grandchild was apparently working from home while their grandma would repeatedly serve them different types of food. The text on the reel reads, "How many times Nonna feeds me while working from home".

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We see Nonna first bring out coffee and biscotti for breakfast, followed by pancakes with chocolate, tea, pineapples "for a snack" and dried figs. Later, she brings out an entire batch of freshly made biscotti for her hardworking grandchild to enjoy. For lunch, she serves soup and bread, kiwi fruit and a plate with tomato, cheese and eggplant. Doesn't that sound like quite the yummy lineup? Check out the viral video below:

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The reel has clocked 8.5 million views so far. In the comments, many people seemed to have become emotional after watching it. Several of them were reminded of their own grandmothers. Others jokingly asked if the nonna in the viral video could adopt them. Here is how some Instagram users reacted:

"So is this a co-working space? Because I'd like to sign up."

"Hi, I'd like to apply for your position, thank you."

"Food is her love language."

"It's the little smile on her face every time she walks over with the plate."

"Does Nonna need another grandchild? I volunteer as tribute."

"Does your nonna want to adopt another nipote? 32 year old and has a very good appetite."

"Aw that reminded me of my grandma, and now I want to go to her and she's so far away (love staying at her home. It's a pure richness to have grandparents."

"I need to know how many more snacks there were by the time you got to dinner though."

"Never tell Nonna you ain't hungry."

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