Viral Now: Bhaji With Croissant Pav? Internet Names It "South Bombay Pav Bhaji"

Pav bhaji recipe: A food vlogger has shared a video of himself enjoying croissant buns with Bombay-style bhaji at a Delhi mall. Read to know how people reacted.

Viral Now: Bhaji With Croissant Pav? Internet Names It 'South Bombay Pav Bhaji'

A viral video showing "croissant pav bhaji" has grabbed many eyeballs online (Photo: Instagram/ foodelhi)

Every Indian foodie has a special place for street food in their hearts. From momos to chaat, street food never fails to impress our taste buds. In the western part of the country, people especially enjoy pav bhaji. Now, every time we talk about pav-bhaji, a picture of spicy bhaji with soft butter-glazed pav comes to our mind. But what if a different type of bread was paired with the bhaji? Recently, afood vlogger shared a video of croissant buns with Bombay-style bhaji at a Delhi mall. In the now-viral clip, the vlogger can be seen breaking the flaky bun into two halves. After topping it with a spoonful of bhaji, he sprinkles chopped onions, and dry garlic on top of it. He relishes the dish by squeezing some lemon juice over it. The clip concluded with the vlogger calling the dish "a flavour bomb".

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As per the caption, this unusual combo costs Rs 585 and can be found at a restaurant in DLF Avenue Saket, New Delhi. The Instagram reel has received 546K views so far. In the comments, users were divided over the idea of such a pairing. While some defended it, others found it too bizarre for their liking. Check out some of the reactions below:

"As someone from Mumbai, I'm personally offended!"

"South Bombay pav bhaji?"

"Bro this is not Pav bhaji .. it's Crossover bhaji."

"Dude that's a gourmet pav bhaji."

"We needed flying cars in 2024 not these kinds of things."

"This would taste nice! A perfect balance of sweet, savoury, tangy, buttery indulgence. This isn't replacing pav bhaji. This is meant to be a cool take on it. And it clearly is!"

"Just thinking if I had Risotto with Rajma what would it be called."

"You missed the fact that it takes 4 working days to finish the croissant pav bhaji."

"I love flaky breads and I think it will hold flavour even better. Looks appetizing and is not an absolute unhinged food experiment. Authenticity is nice but overrated. Let people be innovative with food. The street style Indo-Chinese we love was once an innovation inspired by the taste palette of 2 countries."

What did you think of the dish in this viral video? Would you like to try it? Let us know in the comments below. 

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