"Chai Mein Kulhad" - Vlogger Makes Tea Infused With Diyas, Internet Disapproves

Viral food videos: The latest chai recipe taking the internet by storm involves brewing the beverage alongside submerged earthern diyas.

'Chai Mein Kulhad' - Vlogger Makes Tea Infused With Diyas, Internet Disapproves

A viral video shows a bizarre recipe for tea made with diyas (Photo Credit: Instagram/ taste.thee.best)

Tea in India is more than just a hot beverage. It has a lot of emotional meanings attached to it. This fondness for chai has also resulted in it being subjected to all kinds of experiments. Nowadays, we often come across many bizarre tea recipes that go viral on social media. Recently, an Instagram food page dropped a video demonstrating a "unique recipe" to make tea with an "earthy" flavour. The clip shows a man putting five earthenware clay diyas in a pot full of boiling water. Once the diyas are completely soaked in the water, the man adds a spoonful of fennel seeds, sugar and crushed jaggery in it.

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He goes on to add spices including cardamom, cloves and a spoonful of tea leaves in the boiling water. Once boiled the man can be seen pouring a glass full of milk in the vessel. Later, the man removes the diyas from the and strains the tea into a cup. As the video continues, the man explains that this recipe adds a much-loved tandoori, earthy flavour to the tea. Watch the complete reel below:

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The video has received 33 million views so far. It turns out the internet wasn't in the mood to experiment with their favourite beverage. We say this as several users flooded the comments section urging the man to stop experimenting with tea. A user joked, "Use brick next time."

Another said, "Thodi mitti daal do aur accha flavour ayega. [Add soil to it that will enhance the flavour further]."

A third had a sarcastic suggestion, "This is unique recipe, please delete it and let it remain unique."

Pointing out the hygiene factor, a few wondered if he washed the diyas beforehand, as a comment read, "Diye dhul liye the pehle ya gande hi daal diye? [Did you wash the diyas or use them as they were]?"

Another comment read, "Kulhad wali chai ka matlab ye ni to kulhad pees k hi dal do. [Kulhad tea doesn't mean that you crush the earthenware and add it directly to the tea]."

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