Viral Video Captures Beer Freezing At -64 Degrees C In The South Pole

Watch the captivating viral video and witness beer freezing solid in the South Pole.

Viral Video Captures Beer Freezing At -64 Degrees C In The South Pole

Viral video of beer freezing in seconds grabbed attention on the internet.

As winter sets in, many of us are lighting bonfires and enjoying barbecues. This season is nothing short of heaven for foodies, with various types of hot chocolates, teas, and coffees. While we sit in our blankets and relish winter treats, there are some areas that are too snowy to enjoy anything. We have all been to or heard of places where it is nearly impossible to head out, and everything freezes within a matter of seconds. Recently, a video circulating on Instagram exemplifies one such scenario in the South Pole, Antarctica. In the video, a man standing in freezing cold attempts to pour himself root beer, and what happens next leaves the internet in shock.

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Jeff Capps, a landscape photographer, is captured standing on snowy terrain in the video. As the footage begins, he states, "Here at the South Pole. The temperature is -84 degrees Fahrenheit and -64 degrees Celsius." Then, he displays a can of beer and a glass. From the perspective of the video, it appears that as soon as he attempts to pour the beer, it instantly freezes. The glass, beer, and can become stuck together, creating the illusion of pouring liquid. In the end, the man remarks, "I just tried to pour myself some root beer. Did not work out so well."

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"Pouring an ice-cold (-84 degree F) glass of root beer," read the caption of the post.

Watch the video here: 

The clip received massive attention from Instagram users and garnered over 2 million views.

One curious user commented under the post, "How long can you stay outside?"

Another user joked, "The beer has become rooted." 

Some users sought more information, asking, "Very cool, how did you get to visit Antarctica out of pure curiosity?" 

Many expressed confusion about Antarctic travel restrictions, querying, "I'm confused, so are people allowed to go to Antarctica because I thought it was prohibited... or is it a governmental permission thing?"

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The photographer later addressed some concerns, stating, "Thank you, everyone, for your concern about my face. My face was covered with the gaiter around my neck. I just pulled it down to talk about the video. And no, even at these temperatures, your skin does not freeze instantly."

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