Viral Video: Man Cooks Shrimp Inside Plane's Washroom, Internet Disgusted

A viral video showing a man cooking garlic shrimp and mashed potatoes in a flight's washroom has received many negative reactions online.

Viral Video: Man Cooks Shrimp Inside Plane's Washroom, Internet Disgusted

A viral video shows a man cooking shrimp in a flight's washroom (Photo Credit: Instagram/ barfly7777)

In a recent viral video, Barfly7777, popularly known as the "Bathroom Chef", can be seen preparing garlic shrimp and mashed potato inside an aircraft's washroom. How? Be warned" The process will leave you shocked and disgusted at the same time. He has used "2 6v batteries wired in series" along with "an immersion beverage heater" to cook all the ingredients. The now-viral video begins with the bathroom chef driving his car and saying, "I got a terrible idea. It is a terrible idea. I am a little nervous. The stuff that I have packed would look like a bomb." Next, the clip shows him flaunting the packets of shrimp and roasted garlic potatoes. With a few inflight instruction pamphlets, he walks towards the washroom.

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The cooking process began with the man filling the washroom sink with water. Then he attached the batteries to the immersion rod and started boiling the water. Wondering about his kitchen table? He converted the diaper changing station into his countertop. Once the water in the sink started boiling, he added shrimp to it. To enhance the flavours, the man sprinkled some salt and a little garlic spread. Then, he adds roasted garlic potato powder in the same water and mashes it using his hands. He transfers the potatoes to a plastic bag along with the shrimp.

Sharing the video, he wrote, "With 2 6v batteries wired in series to an immersion beverage heater, one is able to get water scalding hot quickly. Raw shrimp will only need a few minutes. Adding instant mash to the shrimp water adds some extra flavour. Garlic butter makes everything go better."

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As one would expect, Instagram users were left disgusted with the entire process. Many claimed that he should not be allowed on flights: "You need to be banned from flying."

Another said, "If I ever see you on my plane or at my hotel, I'm calling the police..."

A user commented, "Please make sure I am never on a flight with this guy."

Several called out the airline, asking if they allow such behaviour on a flight. "Delta Airlines, you allow this type of behaviour?"

Another user jokingly commented, "Passenger that used the bathroom after him: 'Somebody cooked in here'".

"Stop this man at all costs" was the sentiment on social media.

A comment read, "This is gonna land you on the no-fly list."

One person wondered aloud, "How am I getting pulled out of line for being a half ounce over on my deodorant but you're bringing on a pound of shrimp and enough batteries to jump-start a Buick?"

So far, the video has been played nearly 1.2 million times.

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