Viral: Artist Attempts Latte Art In Pani Puri, Internet Gets Creative With Naming It

A viral video showing a latte artist making a design in a pani puri has received a lot of interest online. Read to know how people reacted.

Viral: Artist Attempts Latte Art In Pani Puri, Internet Gets Creative With Naming It

A viral video shows latte art inside a pani puri (Photo Credit: Instagram/ anishrai19801)

Latte art often fascinates us with the level of patience, creativity and skill it requires. Videos of unique latte artworks and similar creations frequently take the internet by storm. We recently came across a viral video of latte art that had a desi twist. Instead of a usual cup or mug, the artist chose to showcase their skills in a pani puri. Yes, you read that right! Wondering what it looked like? Did the puri break? What did social media users think about it? Find out below! 

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In the Instagram reel by @anishrai19801, we see a small round pani puri containing coffee liquid. The latte artist uses milk to design a small tulip on top of the puri, filling it almost to the brim. The reel has received more than 460K views so far. In the comments, users came up with different names for this creation, including "Cappuriccino", "Lattepuri", "Gappechinno", "Coffeepuri", "Purichino", etc. A few remarked that this "premium puri" would have a high price if it was on a menu.

Watch the full clip here:

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Check out some of the other reactions below:

"And here we say India is not for beginners."

"Bro we respect your art but you also please respect our Pani Puri."

"This looks like a crime."

"This is my favourite video of all time now."

"Plastic ki puri hai kya bhai? Humare ider 4 spoon pani se 8 hole ho jata hai." ["Is the puri made of plastic? Over here, with just 4 spoons of the pani puri liquid, the puri develops 8 holes."]

"It's ok if there is no masala."

What did you think of this viral video? Let us know in the comments below.

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