Viral Recipe: This No-Bread Veggie Sandwich Is A Hit With Foodies - Try It Today

A recent viral video showcases the preparation of a unique sandwich made without bread slices. Take a look at the video to discover how it's made:

Viral Recipe: This No-Bread Veggie Sandwich Is A Hit With Foodies - Try It Today

Image Credit: Instagram/@nutrifitnessbydisha

Who doesn't love a sandwich? They are easy to make and delicious, but above all, you can prepare them with a variety of different fillings, making them versatile. But let's confess, often relying on bread is not a healthy option. You must be wondering, what's a sandwich without bread slices, right? Well, now the internet has brought forth an easy-peasy recipe for a "no bread veggie sandwich". Before we look at the clip shared by nutritionist Disha Sethi on Instagram, you must know that semolina is the hero ingredient of this dish. The clip begins with Disha mixing a bowl full of semolina/sooji, curd, and chopped vegetables in a container. For the vegetables, she used grated carrots, capsicum, onion, tomato, and chilies. She topped her mixture with salt, a little water, and fruit salt. Next, she greased her sandwich maker with butter and spread the batter equally. Your crispy sandwich is ready. Watch the video here:
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The comments section was flooded with people confessing that they wanted to try this recipe. A comment read, "This looks very tasty, so can we have it while being in my calorie deficit?" The nutritional value of the dish excited many, as a user said, "No carbs, yeh toh dream food hai. This is a dream food]." "Looks incredible," was the sentiment on social media. Some even revealed that they tried this recipe at home.
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"Wow! Thank you so much for the recipe. I was so worried after preparation, but I cooked in the name of God and it works." another said. "I tried it, and it was delicious," read a comment. Another read, "I tried this, and it was so good." A few claimed that this is a variety of chilla which she is preparing in a sandwich maker instead of a flat tawa. "I will try this... making chilla like this on a pan takes a lot of time," wrote a user.

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