Viral Chocolate Cake-Brandy Cocktail Recipe Gets 30 Million Views, Bartender Says: "It Is Only For The Strong"

The bartender begins by putting half the chocolate cake in a blender. This is just the tip of the iceberg of this super heavy cocktail.

Viral Chocolate Cake-Brandy Cocktail Recipe Gets 30 Million Views, Bartender Says: 'It Is Only For The Strong'

Watch how the bartender makes a cocktail using cake (Photo: Instagram/ tipsybartender)

Who doesn't love chocolate cake? For those who love sweet treats, chocolate cake topped with fudge brownie ice cream and chocolate syrup is what dreams are made of. But how would you react if we told you that someone dared to use these desserts to come up with a cocktail? Yes, you read that right. A video shared by a bartender on Instagram (@tipsybartender), shows him experimenting with these decadent dishes to come up with a rich cocktail drink. So far, the video has been viewed more than 30 million times.

The bartender begins his food experiment by putting half of the luscious chocolate cake in a blender. Then, he adds brandy to it. If you think this is too much, then wait till you see him adding an entire tub of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream into the blender. Then, he drizzles brandy on top of it and blends it all. He also takes a beer mug, coats it with chocolate syrup and refrigerates it. Before serving the drink, he adds two slices of cake to the mug and then pours the heavy drink on top of it. He uses whipped cream as a topping along with another slice of cake. Almost the entire cake goes into making this drink!

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"The Hennessy Chocolate Cake Decadence," is the name the bartender gives to this unique cocktail, adding that this drink is "only for the strong" who can handle it. While we can't claim that this cocktail tastes good, the drink looks very close to a yummy chocolate milkshake, although, there is no milk!

The internet was shocked to see this high-calorie cocktail, loaded with chocolate cake and fudge ice cream.

A comment read, "Diabetes with a hint of Henny," while another said, "Bro is serving 10 million calories and a free side of instant diabetes."

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A user called the drink "Death by Chocolate." Another commented, "I just gained 10lbs watching this."

A user claimed, "Someone needs to take away his blender." One foodie channelled their inner wit and wrote, "Doesn't taste sweet enough. Can we add sugar to the recipe?"

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