After Spaghetti, AI Video Of French Fries 'Dancing' Takes Internet By Storm

Recently, a generative art video featuring spaghetti 'dancing' went viral. Another such reel, which features French fries, has grabbed eyeballs online.

After Spaghetti, AI Video Of French Fries 'Dancing' Takes Internet By Storm

An AI video showing 'dancing' fries has gone viral (Photo Credit: Instagram/ ai.with.glock)

Recently, a generative art video featuring spaghetti 'dancing' took the internet by storm. The AI creation showed the strands of pasta mimicking human figures as they followed a mesmerising dance routine. Clocking over 48 million views, the reel received many positive reactions online (read full story here). Another such generative art video has gone viral on Instagram. In this clip, the food in focus is another treat that is beloved around the world: French fries. In the Instagram reel by Alex Glocknitzer (@ai.with.glock), we see glistening, crispy fries 'dancing' in a bowl of ketchup.

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They go through a series of complicated moves, which according to the caption, are based on the dancers of @acroyogareality. Watch the full video below:

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The reel has clocked 5.7 million views so far. It has sparked a range of comments. While some have liked the video, others have not found it enjoyable. Others joked about how they would like their fries to simply remain stationary. Read some of the reactions from Instagram below:

"These are the fires that I be looking for in the store."

"I can't get over how incredible art I just love it."

"Imagine the french fries doing that irl. I'd scream."

"This just made me uncomfortable."

"Just put my fries in the bag."

"Uhmm... afraid they might make some moves inside my stomach."

"Watching my dinner play is crazy."

"This looks disturbing."

"Why did I laugh watching this?"

"I see why mom says don't play with your food."

What did you think of this viral AI trend? Let us know in the comments below.

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