Top 9 Diet Tips To Prevent Kidney Stones During Summers

A poor diet and lack of water in the body are two of the main reasons for the development of kidney stones in the body. Here are 9 diet tips to prevent kidney stones.

Top 9 Diet Tips To Prevent Kidney Stones During Summers
Kidneys are one of the most vital organs of the body. A number of studies have suggested that one in 10 people are likely to develop kidney stones at some point in their lives. Nowadays, more and more young people in the age group of 20 to 30 years are having the problem of kidney stones. However, the condition can be prevented by following a healthy and good diet, devoid of high-salt and processed foods. A poor diet and lack of water in the body are two of the main reasons for the development of kidney stones in the body. This is because a lot of young people are now opting for caffeine-rich drinks like sports drinks, coffee, sodas, etc. to quench their thirst, instead of relying on plain water or natural drinks.

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Here are some effective diet tips to follow to prevent kidney stones from forming in your body:

1. Drink Adequate Water: This cannot be stressed enough. A lack of water in the body can lead to uric acid and certain minerals getting concentrated in the body, making the environment conducive to formation of kidney stones. Prevent your body from getting dehydrated by sipping on water the whole day, especially during the summers.

2. Reduce Intake of Salty Foods: Salt contains sodium, which causes calcium to build up in the body. This leads to formation of calcium oxalate kidney stones.

3. Reduce Consumption of Animal Protein: Animal meats are rich sources of proteins. However, this protein leads to reduction in levels of citrate in the body. Citrate is a chemical that prevents kidney stones.

4. Eat Fruits and Veggies High In Water Content: Include fruits like watermelons, muskmelons and bananas, which are all high in water content to keep your body hydrated.

5. Reduce Intake of Purine-Rich Foods: A diet rich in purine, increases risks of developing uric acid kidney stones. So reduce intake of foods such as red meats, shellfish, etc.

6. Reduce intake of Sugar-Sweetened Foods and Beverages: Some foods and drinks that are high in sugar, like high fructose corn syrup can lead to a build-up of calcium, oxalate and uric acid in the body, leading to kidney stones.

7. Reduce Intake of Alcohol: Excessive alcohol consumption doesn't just harm the liver, it also increases levels of uric acid in the body, increasing the risk of kidney stones.

8. Stay Away From Crash Diets: Weight loss diets which promise to make you lose huge amounts of weight in short periods of time are harmful in more ways than one. For one, they lead to buildup of uric acid in the body, leading to increased risk of kidney stones.

9. Reduce Intake of Oxalate-Rich Foods: Some foods are extremely rich in oxalate levels like peanuts and other legumes, chocolate, sweet potatoes, and even spinach and beetroot etc. These may result in calcium oxalate kidney stones in the body.

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