This Singapore Couple Just Had A 'Dreamy' KFC-Themed Wedding - See Pics

A couple from Singapore recently celebrated tying the knot with a KFC-themed wedding reception. Check out the pictures and videos below.

This Singapore Couple Just Had A 'Dreamy' KFC-Themed Wedding - See Pics

A couple from Singapore recently shared glimpses of their KFC-themed nuptials

People love to plan weddings with unique and memorable themes. While some may draw inspiration from their hobbies or favourite places, others look for more offbeat ideas. Food, of course, is always a powerful source of influence. Now, if you particularly love crispy fried chicken, here's a piece of news that will leave you enthralled. A couple from Singapore recently had a KFC-themed wedding. Doesn't that sound fascinating? If you share their enthusiasm for the brand's yummy offerings, you might want to take notes!

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Facebook user Liang Le Wong has shared photos and videos of the "wedding of her dreams" on the platform. The 'finger-licking good' reception incorporated the popular brand's motifs and signature dishes in various ways. The bride and groom are seen posing with a giant cut-out of a zinger burger, a chicken wings bucket as well as a separate piece of crispy chicken. The backdrop mirrored the brand's white and red stripes to match the theme.

What especially caught our attention was the bridal bouquet. Regular flowers were replaced by KFC's famous deep-fried chicken legs. Some leaves and decorative additions were placed around these crispy treats to complete the arrangement. One of the videos also shows the bride tossing her bouquet, in accordance with the popular tradition.

Another video showcased the wedding buffet. Of course, there were multiple trays of KFC's signature delicacies here as well. Reports have revealed that the brand also provided a 'Zinger sofa.'

The bride and the groom are both fans of the fast-food restaurant chain. According to Asia One, the couple had reached out to a few of their favourite brands a month before the nuptials - KFC was the only one to respond. The brand footed the bill for half of the wedding food, reported The New York Post.

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