Smog Alarm! 5 Nutrition Tips for Immunity Against Diwali Air Pollution

Diwali brings along increased air pollution in the states like Delhi and Punjab. We found some nutrition tips to boost immunity against the upcoming smog.

Smog Alarm! 5 Nutrition Tips for Immunity Against Diwali Air Pollution

Nutrition tips for Diwali air pollution

Diwali Air Pollution: At present, we have two major reasons to rejoice - the first being the coziness in the weather, and the second being the string of upcoming festivals. Diwali is just around the corner, and we are making every possible preparation to ensure the festival is a memorable one. However, what we tend to ignore every year is the Diwali air pollution that the season brings along. Delhi NCR, Punjab, and the adjacent areas experience poor air quality during this time of the year, leading to blocked noses, breathing troubles, chest congestion, eye irritation, skin allergies, and more. What if we tell you that this time you can avoid the situation to some extent? You read that right! All you need to do is boost your immunity and nourish yourself from within to brave the season seamlessly.

According to the dietician Garima Goyal, "Although the state governments impose several restrictions every year to prevent air pollution, they are hardly followed, resulting in various health issues post-Diwali. It causes inflammation in the body and also gives birth to new infections. In fact, coughing and wheezing individuals have become a common sight these days. This is where strong immunity comes into play. It helps you stay nourished and promotes smooth bodily functions." Let's delve into some of the basic yet important nutrition tips your body needs to boost its immunity against Diwali air pollution.

Immunity And Diwali Air Pollution: How Does Immune Health Protect You From Air Pollution?

A report published in the journal Nature Medicine explains that our immune system contains various immune cells, which simply get choked with the particulates of the smog. This disrupts the natural functioning of the body, which defends us against pathogens.

The particulates further lead to inflammation and weaken immunity, making your body more susceptible to various types of infections. Hence, dietician Garima Goyal suggests fortifying immune health to prepare your body for the upcoming season of smog.

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5 Simple Nutrition Tips To Fortify Against Diwali Air Pollution:

1. Hydration is the key:

According to water sommelier Ganesh Iyer, water and fluids act as oxygen and blood carriers in human cells. This helps the cells breathe and promotes the optimal functioning of bodily systems. Adequate hydration also allows the kidneys to get rid of toxins from the body, further boosting immunity. Click here to understand the relationship between hydration and immunity in detail.

2. Detox with antioxidants:

"Antioxidant" is a general term for any compound that counteracts unstable molecules called free radicals, which damage DNA, cell membranes, and other parts of cells, as defined by Harvard Medical School. It helps neutralize the free radicals by sacrificing some of their own electrons, further aiding immune health. Find some smart hacks to increase antioxidant levels in your body here.

3. Vitamins to your rescue:

An article on the official website of AQI India (www.aqi.india) suggests that consuming vitamins A, C, and E aids in the healing of the body and the prevention of inflammation caused by pollution and other toxins. "Nutritionists recommend eating spinach, methi, and carrots for vitamin A, and lemons, amla, and oranges for vitamin C. Whereas, vitamin E is abundant in rice bran oil and almonds," the report reads. Click here for some common foods that may enrich you with vitamins.

4. Consume caffeine in moderation:

According to Clinical Nutritionist Rupali Datta, antioxidants found in coffee have also been linked to protection against inflammation, which is the underlying cause of many illnesses. But having it in excess might lead to a loss of fluids, further negatively affecting your health. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends four or five cups of coffee as a safe limit for healthy individuals. Learn more about the surprising health benefits of caffeine by clicking here.

5. Say no to alcohol:

We understand that alcohol consumption is a common affair during Diwali parties. However, fret not, we are not asking you to avoid it completely. Instead, limit your consumption and compensate with water and fresh juices, as alcohol directly affects the fluid content in our bodies. This further prevents the toxins from flushing out, slowing down metabolism and other bodily functions. Nutritionist Garima Goyal weighs in, "Sulfites present in alcohol can worsen asthma symptoms. Hence, one must limit or avoid it to prevent respiratory troubles."

Now that you have these nutrition tips handy, follow them well and strengthen your immunity against Diwali air pollution.