"Salted Egg Ice Cream": New Dish On The Block Wins Internet's Approval

The text on the clip reads, "Add salted egg and salted egg powder to the ice cream and mix." Read on for details.

'Salted Egg Ice Cream': New Dish On The Block Wins Internet's Approval

Photo Credit: Instagram/@foodmakescalhappy

Time and again, the internet has introduced us to a plethora of unique food experiments. From dahi maggi, bhindi samosa, and Maaza pani puri to omelette chowmein and phuchka chops, there is no dearth of weird food combos on social media. While many of these experiments have left us scratching our heads, the internet didn't shy away from coming up with new ones. Presenting the latest food combo on the block: "salted egg ice cream." A video demonstrating its making was shared by content creator Calvin Lee, who goes by the name "foodmakescalhappy", on Instagram.

The video opens with the text, "Let's try salted egg ice cream!". The video shows a bowl with three scoops of ice cream. Next, Calvin Lee can be seen placing a boiled duck egg sliced in two atop it. Then he sprinkles a spoonful of "salted egg powder" on it. The video shows him smashing the eggs along with the ice cream scoops, in a bid to mix it all well. The text on the clip reads, "Add salted egg and salted egg powder to the ice cream and mix." After mixing it all properly, he states, "I got a super good feeling about this! Let's try!" The clip shows him taking a big bite. How was it? In the caption, he revealed, "OMG, Super yassssss!" The video concluded with Calvin saying, "What a lovely rich, sweet and salty ice cream packed with salted egg flavour. 1000% must try!"

Sharing the video, Calvin Lee candidly wrote, "Salted Egg Ice Cream... Looks like Egg Mayo, but tasted much much better!"

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In no time, the view grabbed 41.8k views and different reactions in the comments section. And interestingly, people expressed that they are looking forward to trying this new food combination.

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A user said, "I'm not even going to think. Take my money and give it to me all...Yum yum..."

Another commented, "Ooo this looks good! I wanna try it myself too."

A few suggested adding some variations to this combo, as a comment read, "Imagine if you added chilli padi to the ice cream with salted eggs?"

Another read, "Try century egg with honey."

Some users revealed that a few gelato stores sell this flavour. "One of the gelato shops I went to does have this flavour!"

A user recommended trying, "Salted egg and cereal."

Another user suggested trying this combo with a different ice cream flavour. "Use chocolate ice cream," wrote a person.

How do you think this combination will taste? Would you want to give it a try? Do let us know in the comments section below.