Neena Gupta Makes Delicious Anda Bhurji While Shooting In Sydney - Watch Video

Neena Gupta skipped the traditional method of cracking eggs directly into the dish and took a different approach by grating boiled eggs into the tadka.

Neena Gupta Makes Delicious Anda Bhurji While Shooting In Sydney - Watch Video

Neena Gupta loves to cook various dishes. (Image Credit: Instagram/@neena_gupta)

Neena Gupta's fondness for home-cooked meals consistently shines through on her Instagram handle. Whether it's paratha, thepla, or gud ka cheela, the veteran actress never fails to express her love for desi food with her social media family. In her latest Instagram post, she shared a video not of herself eating, but of her preparing a dish. Currently in Sydney for a shoot, Neena decided to whip up Anda Bhurji. The cooking process commenced with heating some oil in a pan and adding chopped onions. Subsequently, she incorporated spices like red chilli powder, turmeric, and coriander powder into the mix. Once the onions were thoroughly cooked, she added chopped tomatoes to enhance the flavour. Neena Gupta discovered that green chillies were too spicy for her liking, so she opted to skip them. Finally, a pinch of salt was added to taste.
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Rather than following the conventional practice of cracking eggs directly into the dish, Neena adopts a unique approach by grating boiled eggs into the tadka. After blending the grated eggs with the tadka, the dish is adorned with chopped coriander. In the final touch, she recommends savouring Anda Bhurji with paratha, bread, or roti. The caption of the video reads, "Making Anda Bhurji in Sydney at my shoot." Check out her post below:

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This isn't the first time Neena Gupta has expressed her love for Indian cuisine from her Sydney adventures. Previously, the actress delighted her fans with a tempting glimpse of her lunch plate on Instagram Stories. The image featured a partially eaten chapati alongside what appeared to be gobhi ki sabzi and moong ki dal. The vibrant hues of the sabzi suggested a blend of spices infusing it with flavour, while the delectable yellow dal carried the aromatic touch of mustard seeds and fresh coriander leaves. Alongside the photo, she captioned, "Ghar ka khana in Sydney," leaving us salivating over our screens. Click here to read the story in detail. 

We can't wait to witness more delicious culinary adventures with Neena Gupta. What do you think she'll whip up next?