Masaba Gupta's Sunday Breakfast Bowl Included All "Good Stuff". Find Out What She Ate

Masaba Gupta shared a sneak peek of her Sunday breakfast with her fans and gave us major health goals.

Masaba Gupta's Sunday Breakfast Bowl Included All 'Good Stuff'. Find Out What She Ate

Masaba Gupta is an advocate of healthy eating. (Image Credit: Instagram/@masabagupta)

Masaba Gupta is one celebrity who truly inspires us in every aspect of her life. Be it as a fashion designer, actor, or daughter, she ensures to give her all in whatever she does. Another thing that inspires us about her is her healthy eating habits and motivation towards fitness. Time and again, we've seen her share posts on her social media advocating for both of these issues. Whenever she's eating something healthy, she makes sure to update her fans about it. What's the latest update? Well, it's her Sunday breakfast bowl. The actor-designer shared a glimpse of it on her Instagram Stories, and let us tell you, it is all things healthy.

So, what did Masaba Gupta have for her Sunday morning breakfast? Any guesses? It was nothing but a bowl of papaya. The papayas looked quite fresh and had a sprinkling of salt over them. In the photo that she shared, we could also spot a glass of water along with the bowl. Captioning the picture, she wrote, "Papaya with brahmi salt - the good stuff. She also added a heart emoji along with it. Take a look at Masaba Gupta's post here:

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This is not the only healthy eating post that we've seen from Masaba in the recent past. Just a few days ago, she shared a photo of her breakfast meal. That, too, was super healthy and consisted of eggs. What did she have? She enjoyed a  delicious Italian egg-based dish called a frittata. "A perfect frittata breakfast," Masaba captioned the post. You can read more about it here.

Another time Masaba shared a glimpse of her "winter breakfast." She shared a photo of piping hot, crispy chillas. They looked every bit delicious. The actor-designer not only revealed this but also the ingredients used to prepare it. It included bajra, pumpkin, sesame, spinach, garlic, ginger, and chilli. Read more here.

We can't wait to see more glimpses from Masaba Gupta' s food diaries. What do you think she'll have next?