Madras Day: Top 5 Local Foods To Try Out In Chennai

Chennai is celebrating Madras Day today to commemorate 379 years since it was founded on this very day. Here are five of Chennai's most loved and most unique home bred dishes!

Madras Day: Top 5 Local Foods To Try Out In Chennai


  • Chennai is celebrating its foundation day today
  • We celebrate Chennai's cuisine on Madras Day
  • Filter coffee, sundal and other foods to taste in Chennai

Chennai is celebrating Madras Day today to commemorate 379 years since it was founded on this very day! The city of temples has evolved into a bustling metropolis over the years. It harbours a variety of cultures and different communities, all of whom add a unique colour to the vibrant tapestry that is Chennai today. The food of Chennai, like all other cities of the country, has been defined by the varied influences brought in by the peoples who have inhabited it. Chennai is nowadays known as a culinary destination as well, with a number of local foods making it to foodies' must-try bucket lists. Locals in the city will tell you that their palate has evolved into a truly global one, as the city has no dearth of restaurants serving food from all around the globe. But as the city celebrates its founding day, we are here to tell you about five of its most loved and most unique home bred dishes that every Indian foodie must sample.

Here are five local foods from Chennai that you must try:

1. Sundal

This chickpea snack with grated coconut is a hot favourite of people who frequent the Marina Beach, as there are a number of vendors selling the scrumptious dish there. Sundal is made from boiled chickpeas, flavoured with sautéed mustard seeds and curry leaves. Some restaurants also prepare black chana version of sundal, but the white chana snack is more popular in the city.


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2. Filter Coffee

This is a beverage that Indians all around the world are not only familiar with, but also love. Filter coffee has now started making appearances on Indian restaurants' menus around the world. The thick concoction is made from full fat milk and is strong enough to help you sail through a busy day.


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3. Nethili Fry

This crunchy and delicious dish is popular with the seafood lovers of the city. The dish has anchovies coated in a spicy batter and then deep fried. Anchovies are tiny fishes that are eaten in several parts of India.


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4. Murukku Sandwich

Murukku is a popular South Indian snack, which resembles the Maharashtrian chakli. In Chennai, the crunchy snack is used to make a must-try street food called murukku sandwich, which is much like the Bombay sandwich, except with murukkus instead of bread slices in it. The sandwich comes complete with cucumber and onions slices and is garnished with generous helpings of grated cheese.


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5. Atho

A popular street food in Chennai, Atho is originally a Burmese dish. North Chennai has a number of shops that sell this fried noodles dish, which is a hot favourite among the city's Asian food lovers. The noodles in the dish are tossed with cabbage, onions and tamarind juice.


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So the next time you travel to Tamil Nadu, you know what exactly to look for, in the capital city. Wishing all Chennai people a very happy Madras Day!

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