"It'll Be Fun They Said" - X User's Viral Post On Doing Dishes While Studying Abroad Has Internet Abuzz

An X post about a student's concern about doing the dishes himself has divided the internet. Read to know how people reacted to the viral post.

'It'll Be Fun They Said' - X User's Viral Post On Doing Dishes While Studying Abroad Has Internet Abuzz

A viral post about doing the dishes while studying abroad has sparked a debate (Photo: X/ itmedew)

After going abroad to study, several students have to grapple with culture shock and other kinds of adjustments. They have to often learn how to be independent, which includes juggling chores and other duties along with their studies. For those who are not already used to it, this type of multitasking may not come easy. Recently, one such student took to X to share something he seemed to be struggling with: doing the dishes. His post has gone viral, receiving a wide range of reactions on the platform. Several people have criticised the X user, while others have found his dilemma relatable.

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In the photo, we can see an unidentified person holding a thumbs-up in front of a half-washed pan. A soapy sponge is inside the vessel. The caption simply reads, "Go study abroad. It'll be fun they said." Take a look below:

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The X post has received more than 266K views so far. Some X users wondered why he was complaining about doing such a basic chore. Others were confused by these negative remarks. Read some of the reactions below:

"Fun doesn't mean you won't have to clean the dishes ever."

"Abroad or India, dishes don't get washed on their own. The only difference is someone used to do it for you back home. And you would expect someone else to do it for you after marriage. If you think this isn't fun, imagine doing this every day your whole life."

"Don't you love it when people discover chores need to be done only when they go abroad to study?"

"Wow doing dishes? That must be sooo tough for you."

"Tell me you're over-sheltered without telling me you're over-sheltered."

"Bro is getting trolled for cooking & washing dishes!!!"

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